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Dubrovnik – one and only

Dubrovnik – one and only


City of Dubrovnik, located in the south of Croatia, annually arouses more interest among the tourists. The city is certainly one of the most visited holiday destinations in Mediterranean and there are many reasons why a number of satisfied visitors is constantly growing. It has a great cultural heritage and many attractions bring us closer to the long and rich history of this magical city. Some of the sites you definitely have to visit are historical core of the city and Stradun, Rector’s palace, St Blasius Church who is the patron saint of Dubrovnik, beautiful Sponza Palace which is a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance style, Orlando’s Column and many other interesting sites such as cathedrals, churches and city streets. Dubrovnik is especially famous for Old Town because of its unique architecture which is a combination of different styles. Stunning monuments and buildings make city’s old tradition more attractive. All streets in the city are perpendicular to each other. Dubrovnik is a walled city that will take your breath away so you shouldn’t miss walking to Ancient City Walls to experience the beautiful view. There are many interesting activities Dubrovnik offers as well as a variety of beaches when you just want to relax from sightseeing. Large selection of restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes introducing gastronomic specialties popular for this region or worldwide delicious recipes. A number of events like summer festivals, exhibitions, open air concerts can’t leave you listless and you’ll surely find something suitable for you. Tourists agree that it is a memorable city due to its amazing nature, beautiful appearance of the city and cultural scene which is a reason they all wish to return!

Enjoy Dubrovnik!


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