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Traditional silk production in Konavle

Traditional silk production in Konavle

Silk used to be a status symbol. Only royalties and some rich people could afford silk. So enjoy this unique chance to see how the story of Silk starts. Traditional silk production or just Sericulture in Konavle …. a centuries-old craft …one of the most important and almost forgotten aspects of tradition and cultural heritage of this region… Silk production in Konavle has successfully resisted the challenges of the global industrialism in the 18th and 19th century and has revived, nowadays, as a family tradition in several households in this area. We invite you to visit and take part in this ancient craft of producing the silk threads in the most traditional manner… From a cocoon to silk…. Konavle – the cradle of sericulture. Sericulture – identity and cultural heritage of Konavle.

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