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Slovenian thermal spas

Slovenian thermal spas

Just around an hour long drive from Zagreb, you won’t believe what kind of places exist just across the border, in Slovenia.
The natural therapeutic effects of thermal waters, climate with aerosols, salt and salt mud have become the basis for the work of 15 Slovenian natural spas.
Looking for a way to spend a holiday, an extended weekend, just one or two days or several hours? Slovenian thermal spas offer many specialties, with different climaticcharacteristics – given that they are in different parts of Slovenia, from the sea across the Dolenjska and Posavina hills, along with the Savinjsko-Sotelske valley to Pannonian plains. Throughout all seasons in 15 Slovenian natural spas and health resorts, you will be offered a variety of health, relaxation, recreation and leisure programs.

Slovenian springs of medicinal waters have been discovered in the past. A rich culture of thermalism in Slovenia is witnessed by excavations from Roman times, written documents about thermal waters dating back to 1147. Slovenia has always been part of the culture of the old continent. In the period of the renaissance of the central European spas, spa centers were created, which today represent the foundations of spa tourism in Slovenia. At the same time, the spas retained a special status in the spa system of Slovenia and a close connection with the medical profession, due to the healing properties of natural healing factors


The most significant is the thermal water of different properties and heat (from 32 to 73 degrees C) and mineral water followed by seawater and saliva, organic and inorganic peloids, and marine, Pannonian and Predalpes Middle Mountain microclimate.



The Slovenian health resorts combine experience, natural environment and the country’s hospitality in a harmonious way. Therefore, in this mosaic of health and the good feeling, you can find what you really want and need.

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