Croatian Attractions

The National Theatre, Zagreb, Photo by M. Švarc, jpg

Attractions in Zagreb

Zagreb cathedral, photo by Matko M. Švarc

Attractions in Zagreb

Don’t get fooled by the size of capital such as Zagreb which is quite smaller than most of the European capitals. Inside the city, you will find a large number of attractions and activities that will make lifelong memories. Since Croatia is rich in beautiful churches, Zagreb isn’t an exception for sure. Coming to Zagreb and not seeing great attractions such as the Zagreb Cathedral, the St. Mark church or the Stone Gate would be a total shame since attractions like those are not often found around in other countries. And while exploring those attractions, you’ll find yourself in the oldest part of Zagreb called The Upper Town. In this cute little historical heaven is one of the most popular museums in the world, a.k.a. The Museum of broken relationships in which you can donate an item of your own! Zagreb isn’t all about concrete and urban areas. There is a lot of green spaces too. A visit to the Botanical Garden and Maksimir park will take you to some relaxing thoughts and enjoyment. In case you happen to find yourself in Zagreb during any time surrounding Christmas, an attraction you most definitely must-see is the famous Zagreb Christmas Market, officially the best one you can see in Europe and further. So start planning to explore the small capital of Croatia and get amazed by all the attractions you’ll find on your way. For the rest, leave it to us.

Croatian Attractions, highlights of your holidays!

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