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The best time to travel to Croatia

The best time to travel to Croatia

What is the best time to travel to Croatia?

When planning a vacation, you want to make the right decision while choosing the time to visit a certain country or maybe even pick your destination depending on the time of the year, don’t you?

Plitvice by Nino-Pavisic -Croatian-Attractions




People who plan to come to Croatia often automatically think of it as a summer destination, and they’re not wrong at all! Beautiful Croatian coast and tempting and aquamarine blue sea call for a holiday that will never fade away unlike the suntan! And who wouldn’t want to spend the summer holidays the best and most relaxed way possible?







Places like Hvar, Trogir, and Zadar are breathtaking as the time flies, but did you know that you can also spend a part of your summer in Zagreb and surprise yourself how much fun you can have even if you’re not at the coast?




And what about other seasons? Croatia’s quite mild and colorful climate allows you to easily enjoy your stay there no matter what time of the year is.
Spring is ideal to visit any location in Croatia you’d like, the temperatures are perfect and the cities look amazing while calling you to sit on a terrace and sip coffee. The weather in spring is great, just perfect to lay on the beach and to explore to chill and to enjoy!

Split, Diocletian palace by Croatian Attractions

Autumn is reserved for some relaxation in nature and different kind of hedonism. Visit Ilok, the place where Croatia’s most excellent wines are made or encourage yourself to try out truffle hunting!

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Winter is an ideal period to visit Europe’s best Christmas market, right here in Zagreb! And when you get enough of your annual dose of holiday lights and spirit, why not visit the legendary Plitvice lakes in winter, unlike most tourists.

PLITVICE in the winter by -NINO PAVIŠIĆ




The way winter plays with this wonder of nature is indeed something not many people have seen, so why not be in the lucky few?

So, is there a right (or best) time to visit Croatia? Of course not, you’re welcome to Croatia in every part of the year and every season. There is a reason why it is called “a small country for a big vacation”!

Croatian Attractions, highlights of your holiday!

Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

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