Croatian Attractions

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Spring highlights of Croatia and Slovenia

As we welcome the first real warm rays of sun this year, spring is what brings out the best out of many locations along Croatia […]

Zadar – Old town

The old town Zadar, used to be called Zara, was decorated according to all the principles of Roman urbanism, five longitudes and a large number […]

Ston wall and fortress

The original length of the Ston Fortress is 7,000 m. It consists of the walls of Ston and Little Ston and the Great Wall with […]

Highlights of your holiday in Croatia

What will make your holiday in Croatia memorable? Aside from the fact you’ll be enjoying yourself no matter if you’ll be traveling alone, with family […]

The Famous beaches in Croatia

Trip Advisor has recently published a list of 25 of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and we are curious, why is there no […]

Where is Croatia?

One of the most common misconceptions about Croatia is the question where is Croatia settled. Taking into consideration how small Croatia is compared to many […]

The best time to travel to Croatia

What is the best time to travel to Croatia? When planning a vacation, you want to make the right decision while choosing the time to […]

The Private trip to Croatia

When thinking of going on a private trip, that might sound a bit pricey if you plan to travel around Europe. But the private trip […]

The Idea of Croatia

The Idea of Croatia What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Croatia? Is it the beautiful aquamarine Adriatic […]

From Zagreb to Dubrovnik – wandering around Croatia

From Zagreb to Dubrovnik- wandering around Croatia Travel has never been so simple and take our word for that one! Save your time reserved for […]

Croatian must-see attractions, get the best of Croatia

Don’t you ever wish to go on a vacation that is stress-free regarding all the organization and possible ruses along the way? Well, the right […]

Croatia private travel- from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Croatia private travel – from Zagreb to Dubrovnik Imagine you could spend your holiday traveling through a country from North all the way to the […]

The Zagreb Christmas market

For those doubting to visit Croatia during winter holidays and thinking that Croatia is strictly a summer spot- you’ve couldn’t be more wrong! For anyone […]

Dalmatia – Top tourist attractions

Top tourist attractions in Dalmatia There is nothing you can’t love about Dalmatia. Starting from their amazingly laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle and the title of the […]

The Attractions of Croatia

Can you imagine coming to a certain country and having a chance to see a wide range of attractions from those made by nature itself […]

In love with Hvar

Why do tourists love Hvar? Adriatic coast has been gaining popularity among the international scene for years. The Adriatic sea, perfectly hidden between the Croatian […]

The Top tourist attractions in Zagreb

The Croatian capital is a perfect place for all those who have a limited time to spend there and a full idea of what kind […]

Top tourist attractions in Istria

The wonderful Istria truly gives you as many choices as you can imagine when it comes to attractions and sightseeing. Either you want to enjoy […]

What to do in Zagreb?

Once you find yourself in Zagreb, you’ll be surprised how much activities, sights, and attractions will surround you! In case you had no idea what […]

The best Croatian attractions

So much beauty in such a small space- that’s how you’d describe Croatia in the shortest way ever. Being placed in the middle of Europe […]

The most wanted island in Croatia – Hvar

Hvar is a place with a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild and short winters and long and hot summers. Wind cools hot days and makes […]

Hvar- the island of Sun and Wine

An island that carries the title of the jet-set location but still holds this old Mediterranean soul – it can only be Hvar island. Settled […]

Attractions in Zagreb

Don’t get fooled by the size of capital such as Zagreb which is quite smaller than most of the European capitals. Inside the city, you […]

The most popular private tours in Croatia

The most popular private tours in Croatia     A private tour is something you should think about while planning a vacation in a foreign […]

What do tourists like in Croatia?

It’s truly amazing how a small country such as Croatia can offer so many activities and experiences for people of all tastes. Wherever you go, […]

The most popular tours in Croatia

Although Croatia offers endless possibilities for sightseeing and all kinds of adventures, most of them being a part of various tours, some of these tours […]

My trip to Croatia

Have you ever experienced this unpleasant situation where you arrive at a foreign country but find yourself a bit lost when it comes to planning […]

The most popular tours from Zagreb

The most popular tours from Zagreb In our longtime experience, we learned a lot about our client’s needs and preferences. Having most of them starting […]

How many days should I stay in Croatia?

How many days should I stay in Croatia? Planning a trip can be a bit challenging if you don’t know how long exactly you’ll be […]

The most interesting sites in Croatia

       The most interesting sites in Croatia When your paths take you to Croatia, you’ll probably find yourself a bit confused where to […]

Croatian tourism and the film industry

The successful connection of Croatian tourism and the film industry Croatia’s astonishing landscapes were a real-life background for many unlikely historical events throughout the centuries […]

When you see Pazin and Motovun – you’ll think you a are the part of a fairy tail

Pazin and Motovun At first sight, you might think that main Istrian attractions are located on the coastal side, but that’s just the half the […]

Poreč or Parenzo – every year one of the most visited cities in Croatia

Why is Poreč – one of the most visited cities in Croatia every year? Poreč, or Parenzo, how local Croatian Italians call Poreč, is the second […]

Rovinj-Rovigno for all your needs …nice, sunny, historical, easy and lovely

Everybody instantly falls in love with Rovinj On the very western side of the Istrian peninsula, lies a beautiful little town whose every single street looks […]

Great experience of travel to Croatia

 Great experience of Croatia No matter where you travel to, it’s always a big thing for every person to gather as many memories and experiences. […]

Kremshnita? What’s that 🙂

  What is „cream-schnitta“ and why is it so popular? Just a half away ride from Zagreb will lead you to a picturesque little town […]

Croatian Vineyards

Vineyards of Croatia Croatia is considered one of the few elite countries in the world with the envious list of excellent wines. Here you can […]

The Special Private Tour in Croatia

What’s so special about ‘a private travel/tour ‘? Really what’s so special about private travel or in many cases just a day trip? It was […]

Dalmatian is the Mediterean lifestyle

The Dalmatian-Mediterranean lifestyle There has been a massive hype over the term of „Mediterranean lifestyle“ and what does that mean. Although there is a notable […]

Private travel in Croatia – the great experience

How great can it be? No matter where you travel to, it’s always a big thing for every person to gather as many memories and […]

Croatian castles

Croatian castles Although the beautiful seaside and everything referring to summer are considered the main Croatian attraction, you won’t believe how many more attractions you […]

Who is cooking today?

What’s for lunch today? As we wrote before – ‘what’s for the lunch’ is the most common sentence you hear in Croatia. But if you decide […]

The beaches in Croatia

A perfect summer holiday is unimaginable without a perfect beach with beautiful, aquamarine colored sea and a sandy beach where you can lay all day […]

The best time to travel to Croatia?

When is the best time to travel to Croatia? If you ask any experienced traveler what places on Earth are the must-go spots during the […]

Weather in Croatia in summer

Weather in Croatia during summer Summer is traditionally being the busiest time of the year regarding the growing interest in Croatia’s seaside and all other […]

THINGS TO DO IN ZAGREB – highlights of Croatia attractions

  Zagreb – packed with interesting content – this medieval but modern European town has always something for everyone’s taste. Every year, an increasing number […]

Croatian culture – influences

Croatian culture– a short historic review Being settled in the middle of Central Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Balkans it’s no wonder Croatian culture consists […]

The Cemetery in Varaždin, and in Zagreb – Mirogoj cemetery on your ‘visiting list’ in Croatia

Varaždin cemetery is considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Croatia, and also in Europe. Herman Haller was mesmerized by the gardens and parks […]


WEATHER IN ZAGREB Continental climate prevails in Zagreb. Weather can be determined in four seasons. Winter is freezing, and in January the temperatures are the […]

What to do in Zagreb – selections of Croatia attractions

Highlights and tours in Zagreb and from Zagreb Zagreb is an ideal cit to use up every single day you’re staying there. Being not as […]

The Perfect Croatian Souvenir – useful and pretty

What do we remember when we get back from the holiday? The story! This is the story to tell and to remember! The story of Zagreb and it’s […]

Croatia Nature Parks

Nature parks When we say, Nature Park, we are talking about the sea or land area with its international and national characteristics of landscape, educational, […]

National parks or Vitamin Sea of Croatia?

National parks and Vitamin Sea of Croatia In case you were planning to have an adventurous but yet hedonistic week, this is a tour made […]

What to do in Istria – selections of Croatia attractions

Highlights of Istria Istria is one of those destinations where tradition, luxury, magical seaside, excellent cuisine, and history meet in the most wonderful way possible, […]

The Croatian political system

Photo by Sime Jadresin on Unsplash The Croatian political system Although Croatia experienced numerous types of governmental organization, Croatia today is a sovereign, democratic state, […]

Private tours from Zagreb selected by Croatian Attractions

Private luxury tours from Zagreb While staying in Zagreb, it would be a quite omission not to use up your time and explore all the […]

The climate in Croatia

What kind of climate to expect while staying in Croatia? Are you thinking about spending some good time in Croatia but have no idea what […]

National Parks – the greatest Croatia Attractions

C Untouched nature, diversity of flora and fauna, escape from city’s asphalt, and noise is reasons why the interest for National Parks is constantly increasing […]

Croatia is Gay-Friendly

Croatia is Gay – Friendly ! With the certainty, we can say that we are gay-friendly because the list of clubs and bars is growing, […]

CROATIA BONTON – useful tips

Bonton, in general, teaches us about good behavior, communication, decent appearance, polite gestures, etc. It is a part of the education, so almost everyone is […]

Floral fairytale of Zagreb – Botanical Garden

Take a break from exploring the urban sights of Zagreb and instead, take a walk in a magical place located in the very epicenter of […]

The story behind the famous „Croatian chessboard“

Croatian coat of arms is maybe not very recognizable at the first glimpse, but if you recall watching a soccer match with the national team, [...]

Useful laws and rules you should consider while staying in Croatia

Useful laws and rules you should consider while staying in Croatia Documents– Citizens of the EU countries, the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Australia and New […]

BLOODY BRIDGE – The street in Zagreb

Bloody Bridge is a street in Zagreb which reminds us of Croatian history famous for frequent attacks on two small cities (Kaptol and Gradec). It […]

The Heart of Zagreb

If you’re looking for a souvenir that will show your affection and good taste at the same time, this might be the thing you seek.The […]

Kings town Nin

NIN, CROATIA Nin is the oldest royal town in Croatia which was also the first capital of the Croatian kings from the 9th century. It […]

Zrće beach in Novalja, Island Pag

ZRĆE Zrće beach in Novalja is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia and is located on the Island of Pag. Zrće beach is […]


  Zagreb Cathedral, due to its two bell towers of 108 m length is the most monumental Croatian sacral building, built in the neo-Gothic style […]


DIOCLETIAN’S PALACE Diocletian’s palace located in Split is surely the most famous ancient attraction in Split because in this area you can find some of […]

Krka National Park

  Krka National Park is Croatian’s natural treasure named after river Krka near the city of Šibenik. It covers an area of 109km2 where river […]

From East to Northwest – dine & wine, cook & look

Wandering across Croatia from East to Northwest Have you ever spent 10 days of pure indulgence? Now – you can! We created a tour right […]

C for Coffee! C for Croatia!

Let’s have a coffee – it’s just a term for socializing Coffee? Or just a break? Whenever and wherever! When you want to meet someone […]

C it for yourself and this C stands for Croatia

C for yourself Within so many countries you can possibly visit, what makes a small country like Croatia so outstanding and different that even the […]

Croatian traditional dishes

The Croatian Cuisine is absolutely great, mostly prepared with local products. Taste is a great mixture of original Croatian recipes and many that were been […]

What’s for the lunch ?

The smell of lunch is the smell of Croatia There is a lot of stories about famous Croatian Cuisine. Besides the beautiful sightings throughout every […]

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia

Nikola Tesla One of the biggest innovators in the history of mankind definitely is the one and only Nikola Tesla.Born in 1856. in a small […]

Kravata – The Tie

Kravata- The Tie Croatia left a significant mark in the world of fashion and it happens to be a fashion accessory which very possibly you […]

Looking forward to cooking with you the traditional Croatian dish

As the author of the mobile app Croatian Cuisine (Appstore and Google Play) that you have heard, I’m sure – I need to say; everybody […]

Ston Oysters – natural Aphrodisiac !!!

It’s one of Croatian attraction; floating between oyster beds and actually harvest oysters from the boat, taste them fresh at one small island surrounded by […]

Mali Lošinj – Lussino

Mali Lošinj successfully holds a position of significant maritime, commercial and tourist center. The largest island town on the Adriatic, located on the south side […]

Plitvice lakes – winter highlights

Thanks to Nino Pavišić, a friend, sympathizer, passionate photographer  and hopefully our future guide for all nature lovers we proudly present new images of Plitvice […]

TITO – Late Yugoslav president

Josip Broz Tito was a Croatian and Yugoslav politician, Communist leader and dictator and the chief architect of the “second Yugoslavia,” a socialist federation that […]

The best time to travel to Croatia

The best time to travel to Croatia  The best time to travel to Croatia depends on your preferences; but from April if you are not […]

Croatian cuisine

The Croatian Cuisine is absolutely great, mostly prepared with local products. Taste is a great mixture of original Croatian recipes and many that were been […]

Croatian highlights

When you plan your holidays in Croatia- you must see; the coast with more then a thousand island surrounded by the clear blue turquoise water, […]

Safe travel to Croatia

To travel in Croatia is absolutely safe. You can walk in the streets in the middle of the night safety. The majority of croatian tourists […]

Accommodation in Croatia

Most of the hotels are lately refurbished and totally renovated in last 5 years, so you might experience some of the best hotels in your […]

About Croatia

Croatia is relatively small European country, shares its borders with Italy on the Adriatic sea (south), Slovenia on the NorthWest, Hungary on North, and Bosnia […]

Croatian attractions – highlights of your holiday

We all need holidays, and when we find the perfect destination – our expectations are growing every day as getting closer to departure and when […]


CHRISTMAS MARKET Zagreb was voted the best Christmas market or Advent market in Europe for two years in a row and that keeps us breathless […]

Fireplace in the middle of the street

The city centre of Zagreb has a great place to sit and have a coffee   People in Zagreb, as in the rest of the […]

Salutation to The Sun

Monument to the sun Under the name “Monument to the sun” actually stands installation designed by architect Nikola Bašić dedicated to the Sun. It is […]

Varaždin cemetery

Varaždin cemetery Varaždin cemetery is considered to be the most beautiful cemetery in Croatia but also in Europe. It’s the fantastic example of landscape architecture […]

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