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We are a passionate team with the vision of delivering
the best & exiting experience for customers
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PRO -AND d.o.o. is a Croatian company established in 1994. in Zagreb. Andreja Horvatić, is CEO and creative director, enthusiastic, modern, and creative – she just moves on with new ideas after very successful years of journalism, advertising and communication and started to create private excursions and multi-day tours in Croatia and neighboring countries.

Igor Horvatić joined the team with his 15-year career in luxury tourism in prestigious Croatian hotels and private luxury transport service.
Igor Horvatić – was a new strength in the company.
Igor has started his career in one of the largest international hotel chain company Starwood, and thanks to that incomparable experience with corporative and all other clients made him more than skilled – an expert – who materialized all of his knowledge into CROATIAN ATTRACTIONS.
That’s how Croatian Attractions stared to be a leading web site in luxury tourism in Croatia!
Andreja continues to develop tourism services by creating the new extremely informative online platform with all the festivities and events, as well as news and announcements on disposal to become a great help for every tourist in Croatia.
The most exciting thing about Croatian Attractions is that you can pick any attractions – PRO-AND team will provide the best private tour to get you there.
Looking forward to being at your service.
A very experienced team provides all our tours, the best accommodations, insider experience, and leading luxury transfer service in Croatia.

The highlights of your holiday,
Croatian Attraction

Andreja Horvatić, CEO

Owner and CEO at Pro-and

Andreja Horvatić, owner and CEO at Pro-and, graduated professional Study of Public Relations and Media Studies, speaks English and Italian and all of her professional experience she got working in mass media. But since her youth her greatest joy (except her children) is traveling. Just because Andreja is very sensitive of all tiny things that makes one journey totally different from another. She experienced many tourist destinations around the world and that how the idea of making great private tours has become real and now lives in many offers of Croatian attractions. She has made a promise that Croatian Attractions, as web site and mobile app will grow bigger each year to become the best service of private luxury tours in Croatia..

Igor Horvatić, operations manager


Igor Horvatić – graduated Tourism management and after years in on of the biggest international hotels chain company – he started to build now days leading company (as part of Pro-and group) in luxury transfer service – Pro-Travel that exists in 2008. Igor is an excellent English speaker and experienced touristic expert.

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