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About Us

We are a passionate team with the vision of delivering
the best & exiting experience for customers
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Croatian Attractions is an experienced, modern, sophisticated travel agency based in Zagreb, Croatia. 

What do we do differently? 

Andreja & Igor Horvatić came from two different industries; Andreja media & communication, and Igor came from the luxury hospitality business.  When you think of tourism and hospitality – it does not exist without communication. Today more than ever!
Andreja presents and sells while Igor is good in operations. This combination is the dream team. Hopefully. 🙂
We started in the travel business as a partner in luxury transfers for some incoming agents, but in the last eight years noticed many possibilities and so many things that we would like to offer to and guests in Croatia. Somehow it became customary to expand our services into luxury escorted private tours.
Croatian Attractions

Croatian Attractions

We only have ONE customer – You

Croatian attractions team created many exciting private tours, day excursions, and multiday tours with extensions to neighboring countries; Slovenia the most often, but Montenegro as well. Here is also Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.
Our partners will take care of you and your clients in the best possible manner in all regions that CROATIAN ATTRACTIONS covers.
We operate with the proven partners for years. After almost 15 years of luxury transfers and more than eight years of tourism – we still work with the same partners. Having a reliable partner in every town, airport, or port in Croatia and the region is our most comparative advantage. 
The mission; We only have ONE customer – You is our killer feature, and we treat our customers and clients the same. 

The word of mouth

We are a passionate team with the mission and vision to deliver the best & exciting experience in Croatia travel, tours, and adventure. We challenge our team and our partners to provide the best insider experience of Croatia and neighboring countries for our clients and guests.
We truly know what we offer. We know the vintners, cooks, chefs, private guides. We know these important people for your holiday by the first name. We exchange experiences, Christmas and birthday cards. We work together! We know which hotel is better located. We know which room you should have if looking for a tranquil holiday. We know about wines, about private yacht excursions. We are exclusive at the US market in (particular) luxury villa rentals. 
 Our best-selling tours and excursions are the main topic for many years to our dear guests, and with many of them, we have become friends. 
Many send us Christmas cards, still, after ten years or more!? Some even invited us to their homes far away from Croatia.
The most exciting thing about Croatian Attractions tours and excursions is that you can pick any attractions, any day of the year, any part of Croatia or the Ex-Adria area, and we will create your dream holidays. We will tailor it according to your preferences, your ideas, tour interest, time, and budget. Croatian Attractions will provide the best private tour for you. 
We have only ONE customer – YOU!
PRO -AND d.o.o. is a Croatian company established in 1994. in Zagreb. 
Andreja Horvatić is founder, CEO, and creative director, enthusiastic, modern, and creative. After very successful years in mass media journalism, advertising, and PR, she moves on with new ideas. She started to create private excursions and multiday tours in Croatia and neighboring countries under the brand name Croatian Attractions. 
Igor Horvatić joined the team with his 15-year career in luxury tourism in prestigious Croatian hotels and private luxury transport services.
Igor has started his career in one of the largest international hotel chain company Starwood. Thanks to that incomparable experience with corporative and all other clients, he made him more than skilled – an expert – who materialized all of his knowledge into CROATIAN ATTRACTIONS.
That’s how Croatian Attractions started to be a leading website in luxury tourism in Croatia!
Andreja continues to develop tourism services by creating the new extremely informative online platform with all the festivities and events and news and announcements on disposal to become a great help for every tourist in Croatia.
Looking forward to being at your service.
A very experienced team provides our tours, the best accommodations, insider experience, and leading luxury transfer service in Croatia.

The staycation in Croatia is Staylicious,


Croatian Attraction

Andreja Horvatić, CEO

Owner and CEO at Pro-and

Andreja Horvatić, owner and CEO at Pro-and, graduated professional Study of Public Relations and Media Studies, speaks English and Italian and all of her professional experience she got working in mass media. But since her youth her greatest joy (except her children) is traveling. Just because Andreja is very sensitive of all tiny things that makes one journey totally different from another. She experienced many tourist destinations around the world and that how the idea of making great private tours has become real and now lives in many offers of Croatian attractions. She has made a promise that Croatian Attractions, as web site and mobile app will grow bigger each year to become the best service of private luxury tours in Croatia..

Igor Horvatić, operations manager


Igor Horvatić – graduated Tourism management and after years in on of the biggest international hotels chain company – he started to build now days leading company (as part of Pro-and group) in luxury transfer service – Pro-Travel that exists in 2008. Igor is an excellent English speaker and experienced touristic expert.

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