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[tg_header title="Rastoke" subtitle="Small lakes of Plitvice."] Rastoke is a magical place and as well part of Slunj, located close to Zagreb. To be precise, at a distance of 100 km. According to Croatian meaning of the name, water is running and river Slunjčica flows into Korana river creating a beautiful sight of waterfalls, rapids, and lakes. Due to similar natural phenomena, Rastoke reminds us of “Plitvice Lakes National Park” and for that reason, they are often called “The small lakes of Plitvice”. Beautiful touristic spot with a range of cafes and local restaurants especially famous for its trout recently caught from rapid. You will see magic mills and if you are interested in staying there is a possibility of accommodation. Don’t miss a chance of passing by because you will definitely relax and enjoy a beautiful scenery.

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