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CROATIA BONTON – useful tips

CROATIA BONTON – useful tips

Bonton, in general, teaches us about good behavior, communication, decent appearance, polite gestures, etc. It is a part of the education, so almost everyone is familiar with. Behavioral rules are not the same in all countries, but in Croatia, behavior patterns are similar like in whole Europe. Here is a small list of helpful reminders to win us even more: Kiss from two sides, a brick of coffee or chocolate when you go to visit someone or bouquet of flowers as an expression of thanks for the housekeeper who had prepared a delicious meal, a firm handshake shows respect unlike a limp handshake which presents you uninterested in the person you are shaking hands with. In Croatia tip is not mandatory, but it is certainly desirable.

P.S. We are the environmentally conscious country so please make sure to respect the environment.

Have a pleasant stay! xoxo

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