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Croatia nature – national and nature parks in Croatia private tours

We have prepared many private day excursions for all of you who enjoy the natural beauty of Croatia.
Many nature lovers come to Croatia precisely because of national parks. There are 8 national parks in Croatia; Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Mljet, Paklenica, North Velebit, Risnjak, Kornati islands, and Brijuni.

Join us on amazing nature and sightseeing tour of Velebit mountain by a 4-weels drive.
8 hours
  If you are a nature lover in Croatia, and if you have to choose – the worst dilemma for you would be – should I […]
8 hours
Take a long walk in NP Plitvice is perfect if you like to spend your day active. Inside the park, it’s possible to take touristic electric trains or boats from point to point, and it is much easier and faster to make the best of your experience of the most popular National Park in Croatia.
8 hours

Let’s ‘place’ national parks on Croatia’s map, starting from the north, Istria.
Brijuni is an archipelago near Pula, which is also a fascinating zoo. You will see many exciting animals and the summer house where former Yugoslav President Tito usually spent his summer holidays.
Risnjak is next in line if we go south – not far from Rijeka and Kvarner, a green paradise of wonderful nature.
The must-see Plitvice Lakes can thank today’s look to one of the world’s most famous innovators Croat Nikola Tesla. The great lover of nature didn’t allow that beautiful Plitvice waterfalls with their incredible water power to serve man in any other way except for its beauty.
The powerful and mighty Velebit is the next jewel of Croatian national parks.
Apart from its divine nature, the Krka National Park delights with its archeological sites on the upper course of the Krka River, such as Burnum, or the famous Skradin and the islet of Visovac.

The island of Hvar is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers. Hike along the old shepherd’s paths and single tracks, experience beautiful views, unspoiled […]
3-4 hours
An amazing experience! You gonna get the best guide, total insider experience of Hvar island, and inland. Some history, some wine, great views, it will […]
8 hours

The Zadar hinterland hides the Paklenica National Park, which attracts nature lovers like hikers and climbers to its rocky region of exceptional beauty.
In the Zadar archipelago – opposite the island of Murter, the Kornati National Park is proudly scattered. The Kornati islands are mostly uninhabited, but they are an unavoidable place for all boaters who are privileged users of this paradise on earth.
Mljet is a natural miracle, which has two lakes in the middle of the island. They used to be freshwater, but they are no longer, although they are warmer than the sea surrounding the island of Mljet – a national park.

We provide shore excursions (if you are on the cruise ship) from Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Opatija, or any other port to some national parks, so find the tour you like the most.

  If you want to have exceptional holidays in Croatia, one of the great things you can do in Croatia is rafting/kayaking on Zrmanja river. […]
4 hours
Visit beautiful underworld Postojna caves (the tour of caves lasts for 1,5hour with a train). Inside the caves among fantasy stalactite forms, you can experience […]
8 hours
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