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Croatian unique experience – hidden gems of Croatia

Every vacation is special, unique, and unrepeatable.
Everyone wants an exceptional, unique, different experience of Croatia. We have chosen for you such day trips.
In Croatia, many things are very unique. Gastronomy is unique as we have singled out all the tours on this topic in Wine tasting and gastronomy. Here we present something else … We take you to the village of Smiljan in Lika, where Nikola Tesla was born. You have to visit his memorial center with many of his inventions, enjoy the presentation of Nikola Tesla’s life and see his birthplace.

When in Dubrovnik, join us for a unique traditional silk production (sericulture) day excursion in Konavle. We will also take you to the village where former President Tito’s birthplace near Zagreb, in Kumrovec, on the border with Slovenia. The island of Vis is always unique, but we take you on a tour of Vis as a strategically important military base during World War II, and especially during the former Yugoslavia. We will show you an army base on the island of Vis that is mostly underground tunnels.

Do you want to sit on the throne of Seven Kingdoms in King’s landing? You will experience it uniquely in Dubrovnik or on Lokrum island, where HBO’s most famous series, The Game of Thrones, was filmed. Each of our private yacht trips will be a truly unique experience! We will reveal the Croatian hidden gems for you, like beaches you can get only by sea. Would you like to sail with us in Ston bay to pick the fresh oysters from the sea? Or visit some of the best wineries and taste the best and the rarest wines in Croatia?

Every day we can plan a different but always special Croatian delicacy for you. Your holiday in Croatia will be a unique experience with Croatian Attractions.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Dubrovnik’s culinary traditions with our exclusive experience, “Traditional Dalmatian Meal with a Local Family in Dubrovnik”! Embark on an […]
3 hours
Welcome to the enchanting island of Hvar, where the Mediterranean breeze carries aromas of local delicacies. Indulge in a symphony of flavors through wine, olive […]
4-5 hours
Embark on an extraordinary journey through time as you become one of the privileged few, joining the exclusive group of less than 25 people each […]
4 hours
The island of Hvar offers many original and hidden places, together with stunning views, like Pakleni and the neighboring islands. Enjoy the spectacular views and […]
4-5 hours
Experience the authentic Peka cooking class (peka is a traditional Dalmatian cooking style – “Under the Iron Bell”). Step into a world where tradition, family […]
2-2,5 hours
This excursion has been especially designed for guests with limited time on the island of Hvar, so we squished everything most interesting in one really […]
7 hours
Join us on a nostalgic journey through time from the picturesque town of Imotski. In this place, history and beauty converge to offer you a […]
4 hours
Hello, culinary enthusiasts! Join us for an extraordinary culinary adventure as we embark on a journey to master cooking with air-dried cod fish. In our […]
6 hours
Embark on a captivating journey through Imotski, where a local expert will lead you through the cobblestone streets, unraveling the stories woven into the ancient […]
4 hours
Rediscover the Adriatic and dive into its charming waters filled with traces of ancient times and hidden gems of natural beauty with this professionally guided snorkeling […]
6 hours
If you are a seafood lover, a unique culinary experience awaits you! Join us for a captivating cooking class that promises to elevate your seafood […]
6 hours
The city of Split – where history and gastronomy intertwine to create a truly unforgettable experience. Join us on a guided tour as we unravel […]
3-3,5 hours
Are you ready to embark on a pasta cooking class experience that will tantalise your taste buds and immerse you in the rich gastronomic traditions […]
6 hours
Enjoy a scenic drive along the Dalmatian coast and stop at several overlooks for amazing panoramic views of the Dalmatian islands. Starting from Split or […]
8-10 hours
Guided e-bike tour in Samobor - Samobor underground A gastro-historical tour aimed at tasting the traditional delicacies for which Samobor is famous. In addition to tastings on tour, you will discover underground gems (a cave, a wine cellar, mines), which preserve various stories and legends you probably did not know about. 
Duration: half day / full day
Croatia's official Flying STAYLICIOUS Dress team employs the best possible equipment and skills to ensure the most satisfactory results for your flying dress photoshoot experience.
1 hour minimum
A private or semi-private excursion Driving the convertible Beetle around the sunniest island in Croatia! the best way to describe this tour of Hvar island. And now - when the 60' and 70' fashion is the IT style. Go for it! Once stylish and affordable car, today on Hvar, your colorful experience.
Exploring nature, tradition, and culture of the sunny Adriatic coast driving in Beetle? The VW Beetle instantly transports you back to the 1950s and 1960s […]
Join us on this unique tour and find out the history and secrets of the once independent state Poljica Republic. It’s crucial to point out […]
8-10 hours
A scenic flight in Istria You will fly at an altitude of 300 m and enjoy a beautiful view of Cape Kamenjak, Brijuni National Park, and the city of Pula, which houses the amphitheater called Arena of Pula.
The flight is 45 minutes long by Cessna airplane.
Panoramic-scenic flights always give you a totally different perspective.  We have this perspective of Homo Volant (lat. flying man) for you. Zadar riviera, with so […]
25 min, 35 min, 60 min, or 100 minutes panoramic flight
If you are searching for other dimensions of exploring nature, tradition, and culture, the road trip to Konavle valley with vintage cars Renault 4 with […]
8 hours
'Romantic' is the middle name for this amazing gastro adventure! A sequence of 10 dishes in an extravagant and elegant but 'SUPPER' secret restaurant on the Adriatic coast.
4-6 hours, depends on the driving time
Zagreb's Craft Beer Revolution Tour - walking tour of Zagreb and visit of three breweries, and tasting the best Zagreb's craft beers.
6 hours
Vis Island holds many historical secrets, from the time of Diomedes, Platon, and Issa to Vis marked by English presence on the Adriatic sea, at […]
4 hours
Split as a filming location was introduced to Game of thrones a year after Dubrovnik was. Today it is easy for a Split local to […]
2 hours
6 hours (lunch is optional + 2 hours)
UNIQUE EXPERIENCE Silk was once one of the most important possessions, a symbol of status. Silk production in Konavle has successfully resisted the challenges of […]
up to 6 hours
Experience the real fantasy of Game of Thrones PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR The Game of Thrones series is about the war for the Seven Kingdom’s Iron […]
2 hours
This private tour of skydiving is for those who are really looking for some adrenaline! We are meeting at Zadar airport; introduction to instructors and […]
4 - 6 hours
Nikola Tesla is one of the biggest innovators in the history of mankind. Tesla’s inventions created the conditions for the electrification of the world and […]
8 hours
Cycling on E-Bike in beautiful nature, wine tasting, and lunch in vinery with local specialties, on Plješivica hills near Zagreb.
6-8 hours
This fantastic day trip connects the distant past and present, all like a time machine. We set off from Zagreb on the road to Krapina to the most famous European site of prehistoric remains in Europe.
6 -8 hours
RIMAC ELECTRIC SUPERCARS UNIQUE EXPERIENCE   The Rimac Group, led by CEO Mate Rimac, brings together the most advanced hyper-cars in the world with a […]
6 hours
  This is a thematic tour of Croatian Zagorje perfect for history lovers because you will see many historic sites, castles, manor houses, and churches. We […]
8 hours
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