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Croatia’s magnificent seaside attracts more and more people from around the world, but true hedonists will appreciate one particular place on the Adriatic coast. The famous Istria, peninsula settled in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, near the Slovenian border. Destination that has always been a well-known place for those who know how to enjoy life to the fullest.


Istria’s history is truly one of the richest in Europe. Don’t take only our word, explore yourself and see all the remains from Roman and Byzantine culture, take a hike through untouched small medieval cities and their narrow streets and feed your eyes on magical Renaissance art inspired by nearby Venice in its peak period.

No wonder Istria was always a fruitful ground for the noble and wealthy. Besides many beautiful locations such as Pula and the world’s smallest city in the world, town of Hum, Istria offers a bit for every kind of visitor, from excellent cuisine (often containing truffles, which are rare to find and here you can experience truffle hunting yourself!), breathtaking peaceful views and high-quality movie and music festivals, such as Motovun film festival and Dimensions. All the things you can experience in Istria have an extra level of taste and luxury, so it’s no wonder even the celebrities go there to relax.

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Istrian attractions

The city of Pula, located in the southwest region of the Istrian peninsula, is Istria’s administrative center since Roman times.Today, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the eastern part of the Adriatic because of its favorable geographical position, interesting and turbulent history and wealth of cultural and historical monuments. Pula is particularly interesting because of its Roman architecture and brings us closer to the rich history of this territory. The most significant architectural wealth is certainly impressive amphitheater – Arena, whose construction began in the 1st century and It is the largest monument of architecture in Croatia. There are a lot of things to see in Pula so take the time to experience the city as a whole and try to visit as many places that breathe the spirit of ancient Rome. Triumphal Arch, Double Gate, Gate of Hercules are some of the must-see places.

Poreč or Parenzo is the second most inhabited city on the Istrian peninsula, right after Pula. In early history, it was under Roman rule and afterward under the Byzantine rule which left Poreč’s most recognizable monument – the Euphrasian Basilica inspired by the world-famous basilica in Ravenna. Today, besides having all the perfect conditions for an awesome holiday, Poreč offers a bit for everyone’s taste. Luxury hotels, nudist camps, campsites, bungalows, resorts and more.

On the very western side of the Istrian peninsula, lies a beautiful little town whose every single street looks like a potential background for a perfect Instagram post or simply an old school postcard. Rovinj (or also Rovigno) is one of the most popular spots for a summer vacation in Croatia for years and years. The rich history is visible through every building you pass, especially the Venetian influence. The main monument is the church of St. Eufemia built in baroque Venetian style as well as the main square.

At first sight, you might think that the main Istrian attractions are located on the coastal side, but that’s just half the truth. In the very middle of the peninsula, you’ll find two hidden treasures which are a must when visiting Istria! Pazin is not just any city, it’s the administrative center of Istria and is located in between mountainous area which gives it a perfect continental climate with warm summers. If you are in the mood for some adventure, you should try the zip line over Pazinska jama and enjoy the spectacular view on an abyss between stiff cliffs.

Nearby Pazin, on the top of a hill, you’ll come across a little town of Motovun which far in the past served as a fortress but today is a top spot for everyone interested in architecture, history, and movies. The influence of all the cultures from various historical periods is more than visible when passing through the city which counts less than 1000 people living there. Today Motovun is famous among movie fans because of the traditional Motovun film festival held every summer.

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A scenic flight in Istria You will fly at an altitude of 300 m and enjoy a beautiful view of Cape Kamenjak, Brijuni National Park, and the city of Pula, which houses the amphitheater called Arena of Pula.
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