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Lika region is situated in central Croatia and with its rivers, springs, mountains and untouched forests, numerous lakes, pools, gorges and caves, has Croatia’s highest concentration of national and natural parks. The most famous is Plitvice Lakes National Park, that captivates visitors with its wild beauty, 16 shimmering lakes and 129 bird species, placing it firmly on the must-see list for any nature enthusiast.


In ancient times Lika was the land of the Illyrians (Yapodes). Today beautifull horizons of Lika are inhabited with endangered rare bird species, bears and wolves as well as endemic plant species such as the Degenia velebitica. This is also the birthplace of one of the greatest inventors the world has ever seen: Nikola Tesla, whose museum is in Smiljan, his birthplace.

Besides the stunning nature and magnificent views, cuisine of the Lika region has its storry to tell. Many local restaurants and farms are offering the food prepared like you would “at home”, or recognizing the already world spread concept of “cooking home-style”. These are meals prepared every day using ingredients such as vegetables and seasoning herbs right from one’s own garden (or known local producer), while hare meat, chicken, veal and lamb come from animals bred on family farms. Spit-roasted lamb (on open fire) or meat with various vegetables under the baking lid are only some of the examples of simple meals prepared with love in the traditional way.

Good to know

Regional center


Cities to explore

Senj, Karlobag, Novalja on northern part of island Pag

Sites to discover

National Park Plitvice Lakes, National Park Northern Velebit, Rastoke

Lika attractions

Plitvice Lakes National Park is considered to be the biggest, most beautiful and most visited National park in Croatia. Park consists of sixteen magical lakes, Upper and Lower lakes, The Plitvica stream, Korana river, Šupljara cave, Karlovci and Čorkova uvala. A multitude of cascades and bubbling waterfalls which are a perfect image of nature that has been built for more than thousand years. Plitvice lakes are part of Dinaric karst area, and due to its specific geology, geomorphology and hydrology are one of the most impressive karst entities in the world. The true beauty of the untouched nature will leave you breathless. You will experience amazing view, beautiful waterfalls and it is a perfect spot to get away from crowded places, so you should take time to relax and explore magical nature because of it’s rich flora and fauna.

Rastoke is a magical place and as well part of Slunj, located close to Zagreb. To be precise, at a distance of 100 km. According to Croatian meaning of the name, water is running and river Slunjčica flows into Korana river creating a beautiful sight of waterfalls, rapids, and lakes. Due to similar natural phenomena, Rastoke reminds us of “Plitvice Lakes National Park” and for that reason, they are often called “The small lakes of Plitvice”. Beautiful touristic spot with a range of cafes and local restaurants especially famous for its trout recently caught from rapid.

Nikola Tesla is one of the biggest innovators in the history of mankind. Tesla’s inventions created the conditions for the electrification of the world and […]
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Take a long walk in NP Plitvice is perfect if you like to spend your day active. Inside the park, it’s possible to take touristic electric trains or boats from point to point, and it is much easier and faster to make the best of your experience of the most popular National Park in Croatia.
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