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Slavonia – Eastern Croatia


Slavonia – Eastern Croatia

In the Eastern side of Croatia, between the border with Hungary on the North and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the South, bounded by three major rivers that flow through Croatia – the Sava, Drava, and the Danube, this is the magical (and yet, still undiscovered) area – Slavonia.


Unlike other Croatian regions that many associates with seaside and mountainous nature, Slavonia is precisely the opposite which just proves how diverse a small country like Croatia can be. Miles and miles of wheatfields, high oak forests and beautiful plains in all colors of nature are just part of this beautiful region.

Slavonia is one of the historically wealthiest parts in Croatia, where many significant historical moments took place. Today, a trademark of this region is excellent wine (most popular is made in Ilok, which was recently served during the British Royal wedding), meat deli products and even trendy sneakers by Borovo.

The traditional Slavonian cuisine mainly uses cow`s milk and its products (cream, butter and cheese), pickling vegetables, cured and dried (smoked) pork (smoked bacon, smoked bacon, smoked sausage, sausage, sausage reef, cracklings), peppers and other strong spices. Typical meat dishes include gulaš, stew, fish stew, shepherd`s stew, venison and sarma (minced meat in pickled or sweet cabbage). Then, in Slavonia is baked white bread, pies and many other cakes with walnuts, poppy seeds or plum jam.

Good to know

Regional center


Cities to discover

Ilok, Vukovar, Vinkovci, Požega

Sites to explore

National Park Papuk, Nature Park Kopački Rit

Thermal spa

Bizovačke Toplice, Daruvarske Toplice

Slavonian attractions

The Vučedol Culture Museum is aeological site located on the right bank of the Danube River, four kilometers downriver from Vukovar. This attractive location was first inhabited in about 6,000 B.C. at the time of the first farmers, and more or less it was inhabited intensively through the whole of prehistory. The period between 3,350 – 2,300 B.C. was the most intensive period of its existence and in that period it was one of the most significant European centers. Since this was also the time of the early settlements of Troy (Troy I and II) many analogies can also be found with the archaeological material from Vučedol. More precisely, we can also characterize Vučedol as the European Troy.

Ilok is located along the mighty Danube that connects the valleys and hills, east and west, land and rivers. This area is interesting and rich enough that thousands of years ago became the starting point of European civilizations. The rich and unique archaeological finds date more than 8000 years, preserved traditional culture and heritage, irresistible food, royal wine. The town of Ilok with its medieval fortress is protected as a cultural heritage of Croatia. The easternmost settlement in Croatia, Slavonian town Ilok, is traditionally known as the finest wine region.

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