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The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is situated in the north-west part of Croatia. History tells us, with the first mention in the 11th century, that Zagreb originated on two hills Gradec and Kaptol, with Gradec being home for citizens, artisans and merchants, and Kaptol for priests. Two hills were connected by a bridge named Krvavi most (Bloody bridge) because of numerous conflicts between the neighbors.


Places that represent old Zagreb as it was before, the Dolac market, Upper Town, and The Stone Gate firmly hold top spots in attractions of this city. Fans of monumental architecture will find themselves pleased when they see the Zagreb Cathedral and St. Mark’s church with its famous roof. The central location of all of Zagreb is the Ban Jelačić square, a place that is never empty nor sleeps. From there you can catch a tram to anywhere in town, but just the ride in the tram is also something we would recommend, only to feel like a Zagreb local for a day or two. Some top-rated attractions that are entirely new are the Museum of Broken relationships, located in Upper Town. It has gained significant popularity in recent years among the locals and foreigners because of its unique approach to the topic of the museum. The second new attraction popular among tourists is not that new, but it has also gained popularity in recent years. It is the Zagreb Christmas market that has been around for years, but in the last few years, it has grown in a very modern way and was also named the best one in Europe two years in a row.


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Cities to discover

Opatija, Varaždin, Krapina, Samobor

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Trakošćan castle, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Nature Park Risnjak


Zagreb’s Upper town consists of two hills Gradec (also known as Grič), as civil and Kaptol that was from the day first under bishop jurisdiction. People from those two hills fought for a long time and finally united in one city under the name of Zagreb. Everything between these two hills is the upper town which is full of small streets where you can find the variety of amazing restaurants and café bars for every taste particularly attractive to tourists.

St. Mark’s Church in Upper town is one of the oldest monuments in Zagreb special for its Gothic with Romanesque architectural style. Church dates from the 13th century expect for its roof which is recognizable because it’s colorfully tiled representing the coat of arms of Zagreb (white castle on red background) and Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia.

On your way to the Upper town, chances are, you’ll be getting there by walking through the Stone Gate chapel which also serves as a passage. When a great fire of Zagreb occurred in 1731. all the objects around burned down except a portrait of the Virgin Mary from a room that was above the Gate, and that was truly a miracle. The same year the picture was placed on the baroque altar inside the gates, and iron fences were added afterward. Since that time, the Stone Gate holds great symbolic value. They have been entirely turned into a chapel of St. Virgin Mary who also became the official guardian of Zagreb.

The Blue Funicular connects Upper and Lower Town is surely the shortest funicular in the world, with a track of only 66 meters. The funicular officially started on October 8th, 1890. and it is protected as a cultural monument, one of the tourist attractions in Zagreb.

The Museum of broken relationship is located in Zagreb, but it all started from a traveling exhibition where people would donate items that remind them of their failed relationships with small notes describing its meaning. The museum is dedicated to all unsuccessful love affairs and exists since 2010. The people responsible for this innovative idea are film producer Olinka Vištica and painter Dražen Grubišić. They’ve been together for four years and after break up they had the same problem as we all do, trying to figure out what to do with all the things they’ve shared. For the same reason, the museum gives you the opportunity to donate your item to help you recover from break up. It is a real human experience, and anyone can relate too!

Museum of illusions is a fascinating world of illusions which will trick your confidence in your own senses, but will also amaze you by doing so; the world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you. This unique project is currently showing in 15 cities around the globe. This original concept was launched in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015 and quickly become a recognizable brand and leading attraction in each city where it is launched. Museum of Illusions offers an interactive, immersive and fun experience for children, parents, couples, grandmothers and grandfathers – a perfect, unusual and exciting place for all generations. Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain, and science so it will be easier to perceive why your eyes see things that your brain cannot understand.

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