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From Zagreb to Dubrovnik – wandering around Croatia

National Theatre, Zagreb, Photo by M. Švarc

From Zagreb to Dubrovnik – wandering around Croatia

From Zagreb to Dubrovnik- wandering around Croatia

Travel has never been so simple and take our word for that one! Save your time reserved for endless planning and do the best thing for you and your Croatian experience. From Zagreb, you have an excellent chance to explore the most prominent Croatian highlights and attractions, all with the assistance of private luxury transfer and certified guides on every stop you arrive. Imagine coming to Zagreb as your first stop, getting to know the city and then have an entire team of professionals, from drivers and cooks to guides, just leading you through all the highlights of Croatia while you just enjoy and use up all your vacation time as wise as it can go.
But let’s start from the beginning! There are many places you can visit from Zagreb and here are some of the most popular ones, for sure!
With just a short ride from Zagreb, pay a visit to beautiful medieval castles in Zagorje and have fun while learning about history.
Hungry for some natural wonders? Plitvice lakes and Rastoke is the place for you; it’s not under the protection of UNESCO for nothing.
Get into the Mediterranean mood and indulge in the wonders of the sea, quality salt, cheese, and olives.
Pag island is just a few hours ride from Zagreb and offers you the best you can get from the seaside.
Visit Zadar and see the amazing merge of ancient historical monuments such as St. Donatus church with the modern ones such as Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun.
In Split, wander in Dalmatia’s biggest and most popular city and take a glance at amazing Diocletian’s palace that has been an attraction to visitors from around the world for years and years!
At the end of all the adventures, save the best for last! Taste the natural aphrodisiac, the Ston oysters and see how the famous Ston oyster bed looks like.
The spot that goes most South is the most exclusive after all. Dubrovnik rings a bell; there is too much about Dubrovnik to say so why just don’t take a glance at this link to fulfill your knowledge.
The locations we’ve presented you in this article are just the tip of the iceberg called Croatian attractions, but you’ve seen how diverse it truly can be, all starting from Zagreb. Pack your clothes and passports and treat yourself to the vacation of your lifetime!

Croatian Attractions – The highlights of your holiday!

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