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Highlights of your holiday in Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Ivan Vuković Vuka

Highlights of your holiday in Croatia

private day tourWhat will make your holiday in Croatia memorable? Aside from the fact you’ll be enjoying yourself no matter if you’ll be traveling alone, with family or with a friend or two, keep in mind that Croatia offers so many sights and activities, you’ll remember those highlights.

So what could be those highlights of your holiday? Zagreb, as an excellent starting point, will amaze you and show you how neat and homey a capital of one country can be.
What to do in Zagreb you ask? Well check our recommendations on this link and start planning!

Plus, did you know you can go on tours and excursions from Zagreb? One-day or multiple days, it’s all on you to decide and leave the organization to us. See some of the tours we offer here.

Thirsty for Vitamin Sea? Well, Croatia is the top place for that! Explore Istria, Dalmatia, and Dubrovnik while getting that summer tan on! Let us help you out with this list of 15 Croatian beaches you must see! 

In the mood for some nature and peace? No problem! Croatian national parks are truly one of the prettiest you’ll ever see. Especially Plitvice lakes, the beauty, and favorite of every tourist that visits Croatia.

And you’ve heard about the food! From Ston oysters to famous Istrian truffles (that you can go hunting on this tour), Croatia offers you amazing dishes like nowhere else.

And in case you get hungry for Croatian food back home, you can always take a cooking class!

And of course, much much more…natural aphrodisiac

Split, Riva, Croatia Photo by Andreja Horvatić
Photo credit by Importanne resorts
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