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In love with Hvar

In love with Hvar

Why do tourists love Hvar?

Adriatic coast has been gaining popularity among the international scene for years. The Adriatic sea, perfectly hidden between the Croatian and Italian coast, hides magical islands, from tiny ones to big ones and most of them belong to Croatia-or to be more precise- over thousand of them!
Of all those exciting and unique islands, tourists always seem to prefer Hvar the most, year after year.
The popularity grew so high that Hvar even gained the title of a jet-set island, taking in consideration all the Hollywood A-listers and tycoons that keep visiting Hvar annually.
An island that is turned towards the Sun, rich in beautiful, long lavender fields and known for its exceptional gastronomy and breathtaking beaches but also known for its legendary nightlife- that sure makes a recipe for the most perfect spent summer. All the Croatians and foreigners know it, so why are you still waiting?

Croatian attractions, highlights of your holidays!



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