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Kravata – The Tie

Kravata – The Tie

Kravata- The Tie

Croatia left a significant mark in the world of fashion and it happens to be a fashion accessory which very possibly you wore many times or maybe bought it as a gift for someone. That accessory is the tie. In the beginning, it was only a simple scarf worn by Croatian soldiers  while they fought for the French in the Thirty Years’ War during the 17th century. This novelty was soon noticed among the French aristocracy but it gained it’s full popularity when French king Louis XIV. Started to wear it often, tied in a way to which he referred as „a la Croate” which meant „the Croatian way” and that term stayed in the Croatian language as „kravata” Croatian word for the tie.
Not long after the new fashion craze, a whole French regiment was named Royal Cravates.
The trend spread throughout Europe and the tie gained the status of a fashion accessory reserved for people with good taste and it still holds this status nowadays.
In 2016. the tie marked it’s 450th anniversary since it was first worn and Croatia annually celebrates the National Tie Day on October the 18th.
Is there a better souvenir for someone special (and fashionable) of yours?


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