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Krka National Park

Krka National Park


Krka National Park is Croatian’s natural treasure named after river Krka near the city of Šibenik. It covers an area of 109km2 where river Krka and river Čikola flows. Park has a different kind of purposes such as scientific, cultural, tourism, recreational and much more that makes Krka a natural phenomenon as it includes one or more preserved ecosystems. It is a habitat of diverse plants and animals attracting many nature lovers and tourists seeking for break far from crowded city life. A large number of extremely beautiful lakes and waterfalls gives you a pleasant and calming sightseeing and a possibility to swim in the river as well as taking boat tours and rafting if you are more adrenaline lover. We must point out „Skradinski buk“ waterfall, miracle of nature and the longest waterfall on the Krka river. Krka is also known for Roman archaeological remains. Nature lovers and hikers could be interested in one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Croatia “Stinice – Roški – Oziđana cave”. It is a three-hour walk, which provides you with all the information about the flora and fauna of this area. When you get tired, locals specialties will amaze you with a delicious selection of food and beverages. Perfect place for recreation we all sometimes need!

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