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Looking forward to cooking with you the traditional Croatian dish

Looking forward to cooking with you the traditional Croatian dish

As the author of the mobile app Croatian Cuisine (Appstore and Google Play) that you have heard, I’m sure – I need to say; everybody knows about the fantastic taste of Croatian cuisine!! What’s the main thing about cooking? It must be your love and interest and your lust for taste. A good taste!
But – when you meet the great cook you just want to copy exactly what she/he is doing, follow every step trying to learn all about the process and remember all the details.
And enjoying, all the time….looking, cooking and eating!

That’s what we have for you!

Trust me, somehow I earned your trust, so far, and I think I can see the difference when you cook with your heart ❤️. I cook for more than 25 years, my grannies were great cooks (at that time women cooked), my mother is the great cook and this just passes from one generation to another. I need to mention that my Granny Ruža was the Czech-Austrian daughter- so, this is extra value to our family recipes book.

Recently, I have met extremely good cook and politely asked her – would she be willing to teach me and my guest cooking?
It was like someone had offered her the whole world!

Our cooking classes, it will be a lot of them; different but authentic recipes will be in Antonia’s beautiful kitchen and fairytale house!

Just book your cooking class and cook with us!

Andreja & Antonia

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