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Maksimir Park in Zagreb – another word for Sunday!

Maksimir Park in Zagreb – another word for Sunday!

If you ask any Zagreb native where they mostly spend their lazy Sundays, most likely you’ll hear the same answer – Maksimir Park. Located in the outer center of the city, the park keeps being a part of spare time routine for generations and generations of Zagreb’s inhabitants.

Besides serving as a recreational space, Maksimir is also a home to various floral and animal species. The oak woods hides inside even some globally endangered species such as redheaded woodpecker and some specific sorts of squirrels and bats.
Throughout the park, you can encounter several smaller buildings or monuments such as the summer mansion of Bishop Haulik, the Gardener’s House, the Echo Pavilion, the Swiss House and St. George’s Chapel.
Besides sightseeing, you can take part in all kinds of sports and other types of recreation, from jogging and fishing to yoga and bird watching.
If at any moment you get tired of sport or only walking, take a rest at the Park’s restaurant and enjoy the view then finish the day by paying a visit to the nearby ZOO.

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