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Mali Lošinj – Lussino

Mali Lošinj – Lussino

Mali Lošinj successfully holds a position of significant maritime, commercial and tourist center. The largest island town on the Adriatic, located on the south side of the island Lošinj, is one of the main tourist centers in Croatia. Many factors indicate Lošinj is a must visit, further supported by the fact we call it „island of vitality“. Beautiful sights on Mali Lošinj worth mentioning are Church of Our Lady of the Angels with a picturesque marble altar in front of which is the square covered in black and white plates, The Fritzy Palace where there was once the building of the city administration, and in 2007 became the seat of the newly established Lošinj Museum. It was named after the hotel Fritzy which operates at the beginning of the 20th century. Palace held series of exhibitions as well as various events, lectures, presentations, and it preserves the rich artwork of Lošinj. The small town of Osor also located on the island is the small town as well as museum because it is four thousand years old. Mali Lošinj, known for health tourism, an island full of facilities with a large number of hotels, campsites, walking trails and beautiful sandy beaches. This place exudes with rich island culture and in this area, a bronze statue of the Greek athlete Apoxyomenos was found in 1996. There is a museum dedicated to Apoxyomenos definitely worth visiting. Starry sky, the rich history, culinary delights and scents of native plants will make you want to come back!


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