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Private tours from Zagreb selected by Croatian Attractions


Private tours from Zagreb selected by Croatian Attractions

Private luxury tours from Zagreb

While staying in Zagreb, it would be a quite omission not to use up your time and explore all the incredible surroundings you wouldn’t even imagine that exist only an hour or two from the Croatian capital. You could say these tours can even play a role in a time machine taking in consideration all the historical eras you’ll encounter in these tours of Croatia’s attractions.

How does going to Croatia’s previous capital city sound like? How about we told you that it takes only an hour by car to get there?
Varaždin, a dreamy Baroque town on the North served as a capital in the 18th century and collected numerous historical memories through centuries which are all still there for you to enjoy.
From the old town, the beautiful cemetery and a chance to taste true autochthonous cuisine and wine, this tour offer you all the best, so book nowhere.

Hungry for some more history? A medieval castle might curb your appetite.

Just near Varaždin, in a fairytale-like forest with a lake, stands a true monument, the Trakošćan Castle, originating from the 13th century, open still preserved opened for public.
In this tour, you can experience it too and later visit Varaždin. Now that’s a deal, huh?

If you’re touring around Croatian Zagorje, be sure to check out one of it’s greatest attractions- The Neanderthal Museum in Krapina. This interesting locality was discovered in late 19th century by a Croatian archaeologist Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger and started a turning point in general knowledge of prehistoric life. Now you can have a chance to visit this incredible place and the museum yourself after visiting Trakošćan castle, only in this ancient tour!

Another tour of Zagorje offers you a different version of history and cuisine.
A visit to Kumrovec, an ethnic Croatian Zagorje village near the Slovenian border where Yugoslav dictator Tito was born and raised, will sure make a unique experience and a story to tell your friends back home.
And after you have a chance to visit Slovenia, taste excellent wine and rest surrounded by wonderful nature, peace and- deer! Hooked on this one of a kind experience? Book here!


Not a fan of the past, but more like a person of the future? Look no further because this is by far the most futuristic tour you can experience. Book the trip here and read further!
Just on the outskirts of Zagreb, there is a place that will make you think you’re in the sci-fi movie.
Rimac Automobili is the only Croatian brand of cars (electric cars, to be precise) and this is truly a chance to see something very few did- a tour of the Rimac Automobili factory in Sveta Nedjelja which is only about 10 minutes from Zagreb. After the visit to the factory, you can visit a beautiful little gem nearby, the town of Samobor and try their famous nationwide dishes!

Croatian Attractions – highlights of your holiday!

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