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Salutation to The Sun

Salutation to the Sun, Zadar, Croatia, photo by Fabio Šimićev, photo credit by City of Zadar TB

Salutation to The Sun

Monument to the sun
Under the name “Monument to the sun” actually stands installation designed by architect Nikola Bašić dedicated to the Sun. It is located in Zadar. To be precise, in Zadar’s seafront. From here, you will experience the beautiful view of the nearby islands as well as mesmerizing sunrise. What you are about to see is a monument made of glass plates creating a circle in diameter of 22 meters. Below plates, there are photovoltaic solar modules which serve as the means of communication with light. It makes this place magnificent for visitors, and it gives the city another beautiful tourist attraction. Not far away from the “Sun”, there are smaller installations representing other planets of solar system. This innovative installation is placed near Sea organ, and it is better to visit at night because of the color changing.
A beautiful place by the sea and perfect to get away from the noise!

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