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Šibenik-from a fortress to a lovely Dalmatian city

St. James church, Šibvenik, Croatia

Šibenik-from a fortress to a lovely Dalmatian city

Šibenik-from a fortress to a lovely Dalmatian city

Between Zadar and Split, be sure to stop in a town that is getting in the spotlight of Croatian attractions year by year. Šibenik actually lives the Dalmatian spirit with no facades and might teleport you to a Fellini feeling only a few places on Earth can.
Šibenik originates from medieval times as a fortification made of four fortresses- St. Nicholas, Šubićevac, St. John and St. Michael on which you can climb yourself and enjoy the view (p.s. even some of the traditional music festivals were held there!).

A strong bond with the Church and how much religion played a huge role in the history of the city is shown through a big number of churches (24 of them) and six monasteries.
The most beautiful and popular of all is the famous Šibenik Cathedral of St. James which is under the protection of UNESCO. The interior of the cathedral shows numerous paintings, most of them made by Giorgio de Sebenico (in Croatian referred as Juraj Dalmatinac), the most famous sculptor and painter of that time. Šibenik also has a few beautiful palaces and squares that are most sure a recommendation for sightseeing.
From Šibenik you can visit two national parks– Kornati and Krka, and also explore what lies across the city in the direction of the open sea like islands Zlarin, Prvić, and Krapanj where you will find peace and relax while sunbathing and basking in the sea.
After the exploration of all the natural and historical places Šibenik and it’s surrounding can offer you, be sure to come by in a Konoba a traditional Dalmatian restaurant with traditional dishes, wines, and decoration) and enjoy home-made specialties. And who knows, maybe you’ll master them yourself, like in this some of our cooking classes.

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