Croatian Attractions

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The best Croatian attractions

The best Croatian attractions

So much beauty in such a small space- that’s how you’d describe Croatia in the shortest way ever. Being placed in the middle of Europe and between all the natural and cultural parts of the Old Continent, Croatia truly shows how much beautiful diversity it has. No matter what are you looking for, you can be sure you’ll find it in the endless woods, wheatfields, aquamarine blue sea and the souls of friendly Croatians. Can we stress out the best Croatian attractions? Hardly, just because there are so many of them and we find it very difficult to name just a few but why not give it a try?
National parks are the true attraction you’d want to see. From fairytale Plitvice to stunning Krka, people keep coming back to those magical places just to feel the best Mother Nature has left us. Below all the continental parts of Europe hides Istria, a peninsula that seems to exist in a parallel time and world. Either you find yourself on the coast while visiting Pula and Rovigno or wandering in Istria’s heartland through Motovun or Pazin, which might be the first time you’ll feel true mental relief. At least that’s what the rumors say! The interactive monuments like the Sea Organ in Zadar present how art and nature can come hand in hand. As we go South, attractions don’t seem to stop. The unofficial capital of Dalmatia, the historical and monumental city of Split, will never let you down with its magnificent attractions such as the famous Diocletian’s Palace. Just across Split lies the center of every jet-setter that ever came to the Adriatic coast- Hvar island! A perfect mixture of daytime lounge and nighttime fun with a hint of lavender. But Croatian islands give you so much more. Vi island has become a new It-place for filming blockbusters such as Mamma Mia 2. And that’s no wonder taking into consideration all the gorgeous untouched nature such as Green cave and Blue cave.
There are no words that can describe Dubrovnik, so the best way to understand it is to visit it yourself. From rich history, amazing sights and all the most popular TV shows (such as Game of Thrones, for starters), Dubrovnik is a city of a thousand attractions and thousand memories you’ll take home from there.
But don’t think Croatia consists only on the seaside. The charming attractions are hiding in the continental Croatia. Lovely baroque town of Varaždin is a traditional synonym for fun, colorful and laid-back. From baroque to street festivals, it’s always something happening in the former capital of Croatia. While in northern parts of Croatia, don’t miss a chance to visit one of Zagorje region’s most famous attraction- Trakošćan castle, preserved the same way as it served in medieval times!
As we go to the eastern parts of the country, Slavonia is indeed a representation of some Pannonian past times written in some old itinerary. When there, treat yourself with a visit to Ilok, the national homeland of good wine and indulge yourself with the excellent continental cuisine, worldwide known wines, sightseeing, and hedonism.
And we can’t finish the whole thing regarding attractions without even mentioning Zagreb with all those hidden magnets in it. Upper town, Zagreb Cathedral, Christmas market and the Stone Gate……there is no end to what this fantastic capital can offer you. Plus, from Zagreb, you can visit all the hidden gems of Croatia with just an hour or two long rides from there (p.s. check our private tours from Zagreb!). And of course, one of the most popular attractions is something you can only experience and learn in Croatia- the fantastic Croatian cuisine.
So much stuff and we just highlighted a very few. You can only imagine what more can Croatia offer you. So don’t wait and hesitate, start your Croatian adventure now!

Croatian attractions, highlights of your holidays!



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