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The Cemetery in Varaždin, and in Zagreb – Mirogoj cemetery on your ‘visiting list’ in Croatia

Photo by M. Švarc, Mirogoj ,Zagreb, Croatia

The Cemetery in Varaždin, and in Zagreb – Mirogoj cemetery on your ‘visiting list’ in Croatia

Varaždin cemetery is considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Croatia, and also in Europe. Herman Haller was mesmerized by the gardens and parks of Austrian cities, so he designed this cemetery planting various kinds of plantations such as cypress, maple, magnolia, red beech, etc. Therefore the cemetery reminds of the Versailles garden architecture known as the French style. Beautiful chapels, tombstones, family tombs, beautifully landscaped parks show great interest among tourists, and the old part of the cemetery is protected as a cultural asset. The cemetery is also part of the international tourist project “European Cemeteries Route.” It is a true monument of nature!


The records about the existence of the Varaždin cemetery date back to the early 18th century, and a century later, the construction of the Mirogoj cemetery began. It is the main cemetery in Zagreb and today’s appearance of the cemetery is the work of an Austrian architect who is crucial for Croatia because of its great architectural legacy. The Italian Renaissance cemeteries served as a pattern, and the exterior was decorated like an English park. Mirogoj is the largest and most valuable monument of 19th-century architecture in Zagreb and also belongs to the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. It is evident to us that the cemeteries are not the first on your list of must-see things, but this is truly a beautiful place with spectacular architecture.

Of course, we must mention Miroševac Cemetery because it is also considered one of the greenest and most beautiful cemeteries in Croatia, but it is not so well known to tourists. The construction of Miroševac cemetery started at the same time as Mirogoj cemetery, and it is not located in the city center.

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