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The Famous beaches in Croatia

The Famous beaches in Croatia

Trip Advisor has recently published a list of 25 of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and we are curious, why is there no beach in Croatia on the list?
For few days we were in the state of  ‘no comment’ or ‘silenzio stampa’, definitely ‘media blackout’. But, then we made the list for you of the 15 most beautiful beaches in Croatia which are most attractive to tourists, although there are many beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast. It was challenging to distinguish 15 most beautiful beaches in Croatia because our coastline is the second most indented coastline in Europe with a large number of islands, islets, cliffs, and ridges. Shores are mostly rocky and pebble, but there are a couple of sandy beaches ideal for those who usually choose exotic holiday destinations.
The mountains that descend into the sea, the romantic coves and the clear sea of the Adriatic Sea will provide you with a unique experience!

1. Zlatni Rat Beach (Bol, Brač Island)

Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) beach is in the first place because it is one of the most beautiful pebble beaches in Croatia and at the same time the most famous. You’ve probably seen a recognizable photo of Golden Horn a million times. Because of its unusual beauty, it is one of the most famous symbols of Croatian tourism.

2. Rajska Beach (Rab Island)

The famous sandy beach with a great offer of content is ideal for family tourism. It was rewarded with the “Blue Flag”, an international symbol of quality, environmental preservation and swimmers safety. The road along the coast has been cut off by impressive and cliffs that will leave you breathless!
3. Baška (Krk Island)
A romantic bay situated on the island of Krk. The bay is a series of beaches separated by larger or smaller rocks. Pebble-sandy beaches will provide you with an ideal vacation away from the crowds!

4. Sakarun Beach (Dugi Island)
This beach is only one kilometer long and is popular among sand beach lovers. It is located on the northwestern coast of Dugi Island, and it gained its reputation because of the white sand and beautiful, clean sea. The sea bottom with wonderful turquoise color creates the atmosphere as if you are on Caribbean islands!
5. Stiniva Beach (Vis Island)
The Stiniva Beach was declared the most beautiful European beach in 2016, according to the readers of the portal “European Best Destinations.” It is hidden between two high stone cliffs. An idyllic spot of unusual look with crystal-clear sea forever remains in your memory! Often carries the title of the most beautiful beach in Croatia which makes an excellent acknowledgment for Croatian tourism!

6. Lubenice Beach (Cres Island)
It seems to us that the most beautiful beaches are the hardest to get to. It is easiest to reach Lubenice Beach by boat, but if you decide to go down on foot, it takes about 45 minutes, but expect real heaven on earth. Pure white sand and sea of emerald color!
7. Klančac Beach (Brseč)
One of the most popular beaches on the Adriatic. The pebble beach is surrounded by rocks. The beach can only be reached by foot through the forest or by boat. It is worth it and be sure to expect an ideal place for a break from the crowds because you will finally have the opportunity to enjoy the silence on the beautiful picturesque bay!

8. Kraljičina Beach (Nin)
According to the choice of the American Travel Channel „Queen’s Beach“ is at the very top of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This sandy beach in the Nin lagoon with one of the most breathtaking views of the Velebit mountain will leave you breathless. In its vicinity is the most famous healing mud site in Croatia. The ideal choice for a family with small children!
9. Dubovica Bay (Hvar Island)
Situated on the southern coast of the most attractive Croatian island, the pebble Dubovica Beach will delight you with a picturesque crescent moon shape. Dubovica is the ideal getaway from the city noise with its beautiful surrounding and a view of the 18th-century family mansion.

10. Banje Beach (Dubrovnik)
Banje Beach is a pebble beach and is considered the most beautiful town beach on the whole coast. The popular tourist destination with a view of the historic core of Dubrovnik. It is divided into two parts and in one part of the beach access is allowed only with rental of sun loungers. Enriched with all the amenities that today’s beaches can dispose of!
11. Beach Velika (Omiš)
One of the most famous sandy beaches in Croatia you shouldn’t miss! This beach in Omiš is easily accessible, and with its rich content, it is an ideal place for families with children. The beach has a lot of tamaris and pine trees so you can relax on the beach in the shade or take a break in one of the cafe bars or restaurants.
12. Pupnatska Luka (Korčula)
The pebble beach is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, and it can be reached by a very narrow road. This romantic beach will leave you breathless with its beautiful surroundings!
13. St. Jacob Beach (Dubrovnik)
The pebble beach provides a spectacular view of the city and the island of Lokrum. Ideal for families with small children. The perfect escape from the city crowd!

14. Livačina Beach (Rab)
Livačina beach is located near the popular Rajska Beach on the island of Rab. This sandy beach is especially popular among young people because it offers a constant entertainment and a large selection of catering services.

15. Beach Sv. Duh, Posedarje (Zadar)
Sandy beach with the beautiful view of Velebit mountain and the small church. Just 20 minutes drive from Zadar, you will find your oasis of peace!
The last four beaches on our list (Pupnatska Luka, St Jacob Beach, Livačina Beach and Posedarje Beach) were listed on 25 of the best beaches in Europe by popular UK magazine The Guardian!

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