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The Private trip to Croatia

The Private trip to Croatia

When thinking of going on a private trip, that might sound a bit pricey if you plan to travel around Europe. But the private trip in Croatia is so many unbelievable things to see and experience like you’ve traveled a couple of countries. Croatia holds the title of the “small country for a big vacation” for a reason. On a scale compared to most European countries, Croatia definitely belongs to the group of the small ones, but don’t let the size trick you. Here you can experience so many various adventures of all kinds, all depending on which part of Croatia you find yourself.

The Private trip is the most profitable way to explore the best of Croatia.
Besides spending some time in Zagreb with a guide, we recommend some of the most popular tours from Zagreb with our luxury transfer and enjoy this part of Croatia to the fullest. Of course, a trip to Croatia wouldn’t be it without paying a good visit to the amazing coast. The Adriatic coast is so diverse although as not as big as many other coasts worldwide. Istrian peninsula and Kvarner Bay are the pearls of the coast for a romantic and peaceful getaway. Take a look to see all the beauty of small ancient and medieval towns that attract all the Hollywood A-listers to spend their holidays there. Dalmatia, just below the Kvarner Bay is something that will open up your eyes and convince you that all the beautiful little coastal places you’ve seen on TV with lavender fields, friendly old ladies in simple black outfits and all the peace that comes within are for real and exist right here in the heart in Croatia. Check out more on this link to fall in love with this region if you already haven’t. Regions of Lika and Slavonia are climbing on the list of popular European destinations so take a chance to explore it when nearby.

But – in Croatia, on the south stands Dubrovnik awaiting for you 🙂

It is no secret that Croatia has the amazing cuisine and a history of diverse and worldwide appreciated gastronomy. Learn more about some of Croatia’s signature dishes and take a chance to try to make some of them by yourself in this Croatian cooking class of traditional dishes.
Did you get hooked on the idea of making the best of your travel to Croatia? This is an excellent opportunity to contact us anytime to find out more and organize your trip.
Croatian Attractions, highlights of your holiday!

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