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Croatian tourism and the film industry

Croatian tourism and the film industry

The successful connection of Croatian tourism and the film industry

Croatia’s astonishing landscapes were a real-life background for many unlikely historical events throughout the centuries and centuries. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise that many filmmakers, especially when it comes to historically based movies, chose Croatia as their filming set. The early filmings date back to the 60s, and from then to this day, Hollywood has been loyal to Croatia and its attractions which served as an excellent movie background for various genres. And since most of those films (and more recently, popular TV shows too!) were huge hits and made significant influence among all the movie lovers, it’s no wonder many people decided to visit the places where some of their favorite actors and directors made art. It influenced a whole new branch in Croatia’s tourism and also introduced this little Mediterranean heaven to many people who haven’t even dreamt they would find themselves in Croatia. But guess what? They loved it! In Croatia, you’ll find various movie-themed tours, depending on your interest, so let’s see some of the notable movies that took place in beautiful Croatia!

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The first movie that started the discovery of Croatia’s landscapes was 1963. hit „Winnetou“ which was filmed in the wilderness of Croatia’s mountainous region Lika. The movie won the popular „Golden screen“ award in the following year. Only two years earlier, one of the biggest movie directors in history, Orson Welles, shot „The Trial“ based on Franz Kafka’s classic in Zagreb and was impressed with the city and its people. Welles wasn’t the only star of the filming crew that resided in Zagreb. Anthony Perkins, who incarnated the one and only Norman Bates in „Psycho,“ was also wandering through Zagreb’s streets in the early 60s. Vanessa Redgrave filmed the Oscar nominated and Cannes winning film „Isadora“ in beautiful Opatija and the Oscar winning „The Tin Drum“ had a few scenes shot in the center of Zagreb. Talking about the Oscars, did you know that „Sophie’s choice,“ for which Meryl Streep won an Oscar for the leading role, was partially filmed in Zagreb in the scenes of her memories in Yugoslavia? movie was shot in Zagreb
Many people who lived in the Zagreb during the 80s remember Jackie Chan running through the famous Dolac market and hurting himself on accident during the filming of 1986. hit „Armour of God.“ A Princess Diana biopic starring Naomi Watts from 2013. had a couple of scenes shot in Zagreb too.
Bollywood fans can take a note for their next vacation. The famous Shah Rukh Khan was filming his well-accepted drama/action hit „Fan“ right in the new it-location for all A-list movies these days- Dubrovnik!

And Dubrovnik seems to be genuinely Hollywood’s first choice when it comes to shooting today’s most remarkable works. The „Robin Hood: Origins“ movie was shot in Dubrovnik, and we can’t wait to see it in 2018. when it comes to the theatres!
And we can’t also wait to see the 8th part of the famous Star Wars franchise that was filmed in…….Dubrovnik, of course! Star Wars fans will be thrilled to hear that there is an exclusive Star Wars tour just for them and we can help you book the tour!

But the Star Wars isn’t the only mega-popular thing happening in Dubrovnik right now!
All the fans of today’s most popular show Game of Thrones already know that some of the crucial scenes were shot in Dubrovnik (King’s Landing, anyone?) and THE BEST news is – there is a unique Game of Thrones tour too!  Our very special guide Ivan Vuković is an expert in this tour, really fun and more than all else – great guide, the great man and a good friend! Stay tuned to hear more and let us plan your fan-based vacation! 

And according to the newest rumors (confirmed) the next big thing  – Mamma Mia; Here we go again!, the musical will be filmed next two months on the Croatian Island of Vis.

You must remember the great Maryl Streep singing very well known songs of ABBA, and here is Bruce Pierson, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth and young Lily James.

The sky is the limit months the future filmmaking that will take place in Croatia so don’t wait – book a tour now and explore the numerous Croatia’s highlights and attractions!


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