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The Top tourist attractions in Zagreb

St. Mark Square, Zagre, photo by Matko M. Švarc

The Top tourist attractions in Zagreb

The Croatian capital is a perfect place for all those who have a limited time to spend there and a full idea of what kind attractions they might want to see. Just in case you feel a little lost with all the sights you’d want to see, here’s what experience and observation have taught us when it comes to top attractions in Zagreb. Tourists are crazy about traditional places that represent old Zagreb as it was before, so the Dolac market, Upper town and The Stone Gate firmly hold top spots in attractions of this city. Fans of monumental architecture will find themselves pleased when they see the Zagreb Cathedral and St. Mark’s church with its famous roof. The central location of all of Zagreb is the Ban Jelačić square, a place that is never empty nor sleeps. From there you can catch a tram to anywhere in town, but just the ride in the tram is also something we would recommend, only to feel like a Zagreb local for a day or two. Some top-rated attractions that are entirely new are the Museum of Broken relationships, located in Upper Town. It has gained significant popularity in recent years among the locals and foreigners because of its unique approach to the topic of the museum. The second „newer“ attraction popular among tourists is not that new, but it has also gained popularity in recent years. It is the Zagreb Christmas market that has been around for years, but in last few years it has grown in a very modern way and was also named the best one in Europe two years in a row. Therefore, the tourists can’t be wrong, Zagreb has some fantastic attractions to experience, and we name just a few of them. The rest await for you!

Croatian Attractions- The highlights of your holiday!





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