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Danube kingdom of wine and antiques

Old wine cellar from 15th st.

The famous old cellar Stari podrum dates from the 15th century and was established by the Duke family Odescalchi, situated on the mere bank of Danube, in the medieval center of the town of Ilok. Cellars from the 15th and 18th century are situated on the banks of a magnificent river Danube on the East, while on the South vast vineyards are stretched. There is an arranged wine tasting room, a wine, and souvenir sale, as well as a certain amount of precious archives of Traminer, Welschriesling, Rheinriesling, Pinot Blanc.
The whole picture of impressions is completed with the gold awarded Ilok Traminer, with its specific flavor and bouquet.



DISTANCE From Zagreb km/miles 315/ 198


Zagreb - Ilok

Pick up at the hotel in Zagreb, and drive (approx. 3,5 hours) with a luxury car/minivan to Ilok. Ilok is located along the mighty Danube that connects the valleys and hills, east and west, land and rivers. This area is interesting enough and rich enough that thousands of years ago became the starting point of European civilizations. The rich and unique archaeological finds date more than 8000 years, preserved traditional culture and heritage nurtured, irresistible food, royal wine and at the end man and nature in harmony with mutual respect.

Principovac estate

Upon arrival, you will be served welcome drink – a glass of sparkling wine and tours of vineyards with tourist guide (Vukovo-Principovac) and Tour of the freshwater aquarium located at Principovac.


The town of Ilok with its medieval fortress is protected as a cultural heritage of Croatia. The easternmost settlement in Croatia, Slavonian town Ilok, is traditionally known for its wine brands. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Odescalchi dukes built the town’s famous wine cellars, the Old Cellars of Ilok (Stari Iločki podrumi). One of the values and attractions of this tourist settlement are two wine cellars from the 15th and the 18th century in which for more than five hundred years maturation and care of high-quality wines is being performed in a traditional way, in wooden oak barrels. The cellars also keep the valuable archive of Traminer, Welshriesling, Rheinriesling… At Old Cellar again a refreshment – a homemade salt cakes and a glass of wine Gewurztraminer – and guided tour of the old cellars and the bottle of Traminer as a present The second of the many attractions is definitely the restaurant “Stari Podrum”, which is situated in a very special ambiance in the former old wine cellar, which was reconstructed and adapted to the restaurant needs. The ambiance of the restaurant is characteristic, cozy, warm, it gives away the autochthon Srijem feeling. So, we have organized for you at ‘Stari podrum’ a 3-course lunch + wine tasting (4 types of wine)(recommended by Croatian cuisine (

Old Cellars of Ilok

Ilok is especially famous for its Traminac and Silvanac, along with wine tasting, you will try typical Slavonian dishes such as fiš-paprikaš, Slavonian kulen, different types of sausages, etc. at the historical site of wine cellars of Ilok and the restaurant that is traditionally the top destination for wine lovers and gourmands.And on our way back to your hotel in Zagreb we will visit a small private distillery and taste 14 homemade grappas!!!! There are no two same people, two same lovers and there are no two same destinations in the world. Therefore, without much doubt, include eastern Croatia on your planned trip. Come to the area that lives as one with its nature, where is the “Danube kingdom of wine and antiques” and where “the heart of bread, anthem plains, and sky.


Ilok - Principovac – Upon arrival glass of sparkling wine and tours of vineyards with tourist guide (Vukovo-Principovac) - Luxury vehicle , driver guide, fuel, tolls, tax – Tour of the freshwater aquarium located at Principovac – Guided tour of the old cellars with a tourist guide – A glass of Gewurztraminer wine – upon arrival at the old cellar – Homemade salt cakes – on arrival at the old cellar – Bottle of wine Gewurztraminer – 3-course lunch + wine tasting (4 types of wine) – Visit a small private distillery and tasting 14 homemade grappas

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Zagreb, Ilok

Zagreb, Ilok

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