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Fazana Rt-Mede Photo by Anton Unkovic

Snorkeling in Istria

Snorkeling in Istria

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Rediscover the Adriatic and dive into its charming waters filled with traces of ancient times and hidden gems of natural beauty with this professionally guided snorkeling tour in Istria.
Umag Rt-Monterol Photo by Anton Unkovic

Umag Rt-Monterol Photo by Anton Unkovic

From the beginning of time, Istria was situated at the crossroads of the most important trade routes, which led from the mouth of the river Po’ down across the Adriatic coast, forwarding to the far east.

Pula Photo by Anton Unkovic

Pula Photo by Anton Unkovic

The traffic character of the area was so prominent that it boosted the first ports and citadels, even inland, with the continuity of their existence traceable from ancient history (the Middle Bronze Age to Roman conquest) through a vibrant exchange of goods from far away. The vine, olive oil, salt, and stone from Istria were shipped all around the Roman Empire and later on to the Venetian Republic of Serrenissima. Through those routes till the 16th century, the oriental spices were reaching Europe and were the cause of the geographical discoveries.
Today you can snorkel around the coast of Istria on the most exciting snorkeling locations where the ancient Romans were traveling by admiring its natural beauty.

Poreč Pical Photo by Anton Unkovic

Poreč Pical Photo by Anton Unkovic

But they did not see what’s beneath the sea, and you will!
Professionals in the field will guide you.

Marčana Školjić Photo by Anton Unkovic

Marčana Školjić Photo by Anton Unkovic


This private snorkeling tour includes:
  • one location in the duration of 1-2 hours, depending on your previous experience in snorkeling
  • the activity will be tailored at any level of your age and stamina
  • You will be accompanied by the author of the underwater maps that will lead you through the itinerary and learn about the marine life and the location around you. Plus, you will hear the story about it
  • special attention will be paid to learn out fundamental things about snorkeling and how to genuinely enjoy the underwater no matter if you are a fish or afraid of it
  • once relaxed our professional underwater photographer will introduce you to a professional shooting editorial (the photos will be yours after as a remembrance of the snorkeling adventure in Istria)


Funtana Bijela-uvala Photo by Anton Unkovic

Funtana Bijela-uvala Photo by Anton Unkovic


Features of the journey:

  • The group can be max. up to 5 people
  • the schedule will be set up around your preferences
  • the total duration will be 3 to 4 hours
  • the mask, snorkel, and fins are complementary if needed, but we recommend to use your own as it fits you the best
  • Before our meeting, we would like to know your age, acquaintance with the recreational activity of snorkeling or challenges that you have with it (allergies, fears or dreams…) to prepare everything right for you.
  • Destination
  • Included
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    5 Star Accommodation
    Airport Transfers
    cooking class
    Entry Fees
    historic sites
    old city
    public catamaran transfers

You will be picked by our driver and transferred to the location. This exciting tour is available in a few locations that you can choose from.

In Pula

The Natural A unique place due to its interesting geomorphological shape - a stone bridge and 3 semi-opened caves that can be explored by foot or snorkeling. Here you can find a reef in the form of a fish. Its magnificent beauty is calling you to dive and play! Ideal for Families with kids. Havaian (name inspired by the palette of blue colours) This snorkeling spot is a true delight for your eyes as the underwater itinerary goes along the coastline with canyon scenery while at the same time you can admire the underwater walls that reach greater depth. Here you will find an underwater arch to snorkel through and hidden coral gardens. In proximity there are diving spots to boost yourself with adrenaline too. Marine life is here for you to explore in shallow or deeper waters depending on your snorkeling skills.

In Poreč

Pical (situated on the proximity of an ancient roman pier) This mysterious snorkeling location owes its particularity to an interesting formation of big stone blocks that form an underwater labyrinth laying on a sandy bottom in shallow water. The rocks reach almost the surface. Narrow passages and arches are favourite hiding places for marine life. Is not surprising that the remains of various ceramics, roof tiles of roman villas can also be found at the bottom.

In Marčana (near Pula)

Školjić, Kavran (wild natural rocky bay with tiny pebbles) The bay is surrounded by beautiful rocky slabs that slowly dive into the clear waters of the Kvarner offering a view toward the island of Cres. The bay hides a small canyon with an imposing column and a twin underwater arch that you can dive through. There is a vibrant marine life in every notch lying under the slopes that seem carved.


Round trip to snorkeling destination, professional diver guide in english, soft drinks and fruit

Not included

Tips for driver and snorkeling guide (non-compulsory).


Pula, Poreč, Rovinj, Opatija

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