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Old Town of Varaždin city tour

Old Town of Varaždin city tour

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Old Town of Varaždin is a great town to see and to walk around enjoying Baroque, Rococo, Classicist, and Secessionist houses and villas as well as one of the oldest City Halls in Europe. It’s the city of bell towers and angels… like Anđelinjak or Angel’s nest. Varaždin is just beautiful, but the most interesting period to visit this beautiful town is the end of August because of the famous street festival Špancirfest. During that period Varaždin regularly hosts over a 100,000 tourists coming from all over Croatia and the surrounding countries!


A walk around enjoying Baroque, Rococo, Classicist, and Secessionist houses and villas


This tour is popularly called; Baroque and gastro tour – because Varaždin is known as the most beautiful baroque city in Croatia, and – gastro experience of the tour is also recommended by Croatian Cuisine (


St. Nicola's church in Varaždin, Croatia, photo credit by TZGV

St. Nicola’s church in Varaždin, Croatia, photo credit by TZGV

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Old Town of Varaždin

Within the relatively small area of the Old Town of Varaždin are preserved palaces, important public buildings, Baroque, Rococo, Classicist, and Secessionist houses and villas and one of the oldest City Halls in Europe. The richness of the religious heritage tells another story about Varaždin as a city of bell towers which its inhabitants have strived for centuries to build. The angels that adorn altars, walls and paintings will appreciate every glance they receive. Varaždinska feudal fortress, from ancient times, called Old Town, the most important historical buildings of Varaždin. It is the center of an aristocratic estate, owner and legally separate from the free royal town of Varadin. The present fort was built of 14 to 19 the century.

Varaždin cemetery

Varazdin cemetery
Varaždin cemetery is considered to be the most beautiful cemetery in Croatia but also in Europe. This is a fine example of landscape architecture which Herman Haller decided to beautify in 1905. He planted a thousand birches, maples, apple trees, magnolias. He managed to turn peaceful resting place for dead in nature park and beautiful spot for tourists. Numerous monuments are works of famous Croatian sculptors. Astonishing chapels and graves with artistic value will leave visitors speechless. The cemetery is divided into new and old and has the characteristics of a French park. The cemetery is part of a mosaic of different customs and funerary art in Europe for the last 200 years. It belongs to the Italian project from Verona “European Cemeteries Route”. It is definitely a must see!

Varaždin cuisine

Varaždin cuisine was influenced by Austria and Hungary but during historical migrations, other modifications and innovations that enriched it were introduced. Traditional dishes from the Varaždin area generally consist of a few simple ingredients, of which the most commonly used is wheat and corn flour in the famous Varaždin “klipič”, “mlinci” and “zlevanka”. In order to enjoy typical delicacies, you will taste the best of Zagorje cuisine at the national restaurant “Zlatne gorice” at Gornji Kneginec. Along with the most tasteful dishes of Zagorje, you will try the wine sorts of this area.


Zagreb, Varaždin

Zagreb, Varaždin

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