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Trogir- if the walls of a city could speak…

Trogir- if the walls of a city could speak…

Trogir- if the walls of a city could speak…

Not many cities hold a status of a museum-city, and Trogir is one of those few in the world.
Settled very near Split, Trogir is a perfect getaway for those who want to experience something unique and magical. Constituted by the Greek settlers in the 3rd century, Trogir went through rich artistic and historical centuries in its looks which made it a city under UNESCO protection since 1997.

Wandering through the streets, you’ll encounter stone walls, towers, palaces and other enchanting buildings, mostly in its recognizable romanesque-gothic style. If some of the places you’ll see seem familiar, you’re sure not wrong. Many scenes from the popular TV-series Game of Thrones were shot right here, for example, St. Dominic monastery.
Churches and monasteries make the most of Trogir’s historic architecture and are a typical part of art history. The most beautiful of all of them is The Cathedral of St. Lawrence from the 13th century. If you climb all the way up to the belfry, you’ll have a mesmerizing view of all the city with surrounding islands.
Besides the artistic value of the architecture, Trogir is also the home of the first pharmacy in Croatia, dating from 13th century.

And after the sightseeing, a perfect relaxation awaits on the island of Čiovo right across the inner city, connected by a stone bridge. Čiovo is an island part of Trogir famous for its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere.
With all that said, who wouldn’t visit a city that provides you a touch of history, fiction, relaxation, and beauty? We sure would!

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