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Weather in Croatia in summer

Weather in Croatia in summer

Weather in Croatia during summer

Summer is traditionally being the busiest time of the year regarding the growing interest in Croatia’s seaside and all other wonderful attractions that come by.
There is a good reason why Croatia is the perfect spot to spend summer in.
As any Mediterranean country, Croatia’s weather is mild during the whole year (Think Spain, Greece, Sicily!) and in that terms, summer is the highlight of one calendar year over here.
The summer season in Croatia starts in spring, mostly late April or early May because that’s when the Sun hits deeply into this part of the hemisphere. Temperatures vary from comfy 15˚C to around 20˚C during this period and from time to time are broken with a day or two of light rain and stronger clouds which occur, maybe, once or twice in a week.
In upcoming months of June, July and August is when the true, movie-like summer occurs.
Temperatures rise for an average of 5˚C so during the day it’s not strange to be from around 23˚C to 30˚C throughout the whole country, not only on the seaside!
As from 7 PM temperature starts to slowly fall to approximately 20˚C and the closer you get in the night the temperature will drop to around 15˚C at the end.
Light summer rains often occur once in 10 days to freshen up the air and make a small change in climate, but in a day or two the hot, truly sunny weather comes back and continues to call you to come to the beach and enjoy the natural refreshment of Vitamin Sea!
Miles and miles of magical seaside and over a thousand islands are a guarantee that yo actually enjoy your stay during one hot, sunny and unforgettable summer!

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