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What do tourists like in Croatia?

What do tourists like in Croatia?

It’s truly amazing how a small country such as Croatia can offer so many activities and experiences for people of all tastes. Wherever you go, there will always be some kind of attraction that will raise your interest and fill some cultural and adventurous void. But have you ever wondered what are some of the attractions tourists mostly like when they arrive in Croatia?
The most popular spot is Zagreb, hence, it’s the capital and the biggest Croatian city so it naturally offers much more activities but also makes you further in its exploring. Besides the standard historical and architectural attractions Zagreb has to offer, tourists are always thrilled to experience some particular stuff you can encounter in Zagreb. The Zagreb Christmas market is being a hit for years. Little wooden houses scattered all over town and selling everything from knitted winterwear to home-made boiled wine are definitely a sweet holiday spirit any city can look up to. But don’t take only our words, Zagreb’s Christmas market was called the best European Advent.
While in Zagreb, visit one of its newer and popular attractions, the Museum of Broken Relationships is something tourists are keen on since 2011. when the museum was opened. And on their return from Zagreb, tourists often tend to buy their loved ones the Licitar Heart as an original and affordable souvenir from the heart of the capital.
Moving on from Zagreb, one of the recent popular attractions is the art installation in Zadar, The Salutation to the Sun. Made by Nikola Bašić, this trippy pavement is a perfect background for every Instagrammer around. Just look at the beautifully artistic glass plates and you’ll get it right away why so many people keep coming back.
Last, but not the least, a spot that has been climbing the popularity list from year to year is absolutely the astonishing Dubrovnik! Centuries of rich history, amazing scenery, and all the recent movie production sets being filmed there (Game of Thrones and Star Wars, anybody?) are just a part of what you may experience in Dubrovnik.
Of course, there are much much more things to see and feel in Croatia, so feel free to ask us more about your future vacation and let us help you out to book the holiday of your dreams.

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