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What to do in Zagreb?

Zagreb cathedral, photo by Matko M. Švarc

What to do in Zagreb?

Once you find yourself in Zagreb, you’ll be surprised how much activities, sights, and attractions will surround you! In case you had no idea what Zagreb can offer you, take a glance at this article to get started. Sure, it’s quite a challenge to organize all the sightseeing and exploring on your own and that can really take up way too much time and bring many organizational risks you really don’t want to have while on vacation. Exactly those reasons might make you think about taking a private walking tour of Zagreb to make sure you’ll see everything that you wanted plus a certified guide who will make you feel like a local. So why don’t you take a look of some of the Zagreb tours we can provide you and save yourself time, money and energy!
The ,,Ageless beauty of capital city” tour is really something we would definitely recommend in case you want to live up the city in a limited given time. Not only you’ll see some of the attractions such as the center of Zagreb, Medvedgrad, Mirogoj cemetery and New Zagreb, you’ll also have a chance to relax like a local, have a relaxed walking tour with a certified guide who will be your window to the way how real Zagreb locals live.
Just in case you might want to explore a bit more on the outskirts of this gorgeous capital, this amazing tour includes not only a walking exploration of Zagreb but also a trip just a little bit outside of Zagreb to beautiful castle of Trakošćan. This amazing remain from the far past is something many people can’t believe how wonderful and preserved it is. Just take a look at the gallery of Trakošćan and let the pictures speak for themselves. (p.s. Want to know more about some of the Croatian castles? Just click here and find out more!)
Zagreb’s maybe most notable attraction is its oldest part- the Upper Town! It has served as an inspiration for many historical books, novels, movies etc. Don’t let the chance to know this little historical heaven pass you by. In this exclusive tour, you’ll be an expert on Upper town in no time!
But that’s not all Upper Town can offer you! Take out your dark-adventurous side and think about taking a night walk guided by legendary Croatian novelist Marija Jurić Zagorka who will lead you through all the little streets of this part of the city and tell you amazing stories from the past. You can experience all that in this also exclusive night walking tour that will definitely stay in your memories forever!
Zagreb is a city that will make your heart warm and make you feel welcome whenever you decide to visit it. Open up to this wonderful place and let us help you out to feel the true spirit of Zagreb!

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