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What’s for the lunch ?

What’s for the lunch ?

The smell of lunch is the smell of Croatia

There is a lot of stories about famous Croatian Cuisine. Besides the beautiful sightings throughout every step of our Lijepa Naša, how Croatians call our homeland country, Croatia is well known for its diverse cuisine which is an interesting mix of all kinds of influences from it’s surrounding countries.

But the thing about lunch (ručak in Croatian) is the most important issue of the day! Every day!

This is what we live and talk and eat every day, but when you hear it from our citizen American Cody Mcclain Brown Croatian Zet (Son in Low, blogger, professor, journalist, author, father, and husband) your first reaction is to start laughing, a loud!

Yes – that’s the absolute truth! Every day, right after lunch, which is (as in Italy) the main meal of the day and usually in around 1 PM, or in case (the most cases) for young families at right after everybody gets home,  as I said – I mean right after The lunch- the most important question is; Što je sutra za ručak/ What’s for the lunch tomorrow?

While, in the rest of the world, well the biggest part of the western world, people are having light ‘something’ for, what we call in Croatia, lunch – we seriously approch to that very important matter!

So, when in Croatia, do what Croats do…let’s have lunch…and don’t forget to ask, right after; What’s for the lunch, tomorrow?

And don’t miss the great blog about one of the most important things in Croatia – lunch, written by Cody,

The smell of lunch is the smell of Croatia

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