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Where is Croatia?

Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Ivan Vuković Vuka

Where is Croatia?

One of the most common misconceptions about Croatia is the question where is Croatia settled. Taking into consideration how small Croatia is compared to many surrounding countries in Europe, it’s no wonder people often get confused. The pure image of Croatia like a Mediterranean country with ancient Roman, socialist and Central-European influences admittedly sounds like a place that could be set in various locations. Indeed, Croatia’s location determined its history, and it is no coincidence when you look at its specific location.

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You could say that Croatia lies in the very middle of a couple of regions and never was set entirely in one specific cultural circle.
How would we describe the exact location of Croatia on the map?
East of Italy and Slovenia, the Northeastern coast of Adriatic sea, south of Hungary and all the Middle-European circle of countries such as Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and so on. On its Eastern and Southeastern side, Croatia faces Serbia, Bosnia and other countries of the Balkan circle.
Quite confusing isn’t it?
Some politicians and scientists still argue about does Croatia belong to a specific region or circle, but there hasn’t been an entirely strong consensus. But that is what makes Croatia unique and special.

A country so small you could miss it on the map at first sight but full of centuries of rich influences and history in general. No matter are you looking to visit attractions such as ancient Roman amphitheaters, medieval churches or castles or something more contemporary, Croatia truly offers it all.
And the specific location of Croatia also resulted in breathtaking nature that you can’t see that often anywhere else in the world. Starting from the fantastic Adriatic sea and its coast to the miracle of Plitvice lakes, Croatia is the place that has it all.

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Thanks to its location, Croatia is perfectly connected to all parts of Europe and wider so international transportation makes it also a lot easier and more accessible.
So once you’ve answered your question „Where is Croatia?“, why not treat yourself to a holiday that will make you experience all those colorful highlights of Croatia at once?
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